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[edit] Rename

This isn't tablature. The notable (no pun intended) distinction being that tablature indicates the specific fingerings to be played, e.g. there are many different ways to play a D chord, and they do sound appreciably different. How about Oh yeah yeah Chord Progression98.222.134.36 13:45, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

Your argument makes good sense. I agree that page page should be called Oh yeah yeah Chord Progression. If there is no further argument against it, I'll move the page sometime later. In the meantime I've added it to the Tablature category. I also would like to encourage you to register an account. You seem like a decent editor and it would be nice to address you by some moniker. :) --Stux 16:42, 24 April 2009 (UTC)
The thing is, while it is indeed just a chord progression, that doesn't mean we should change the name of the article. What if someone decides one day to make detailed tablature? It would be silly to have two different articles that serve the same purpose. I think leaving it as it is would be better. Also to note, has several guitar tabs that are just chord progressions, but they still label the articles as guitar tabs. --Mario2.PNG Super Martyo boing! 19:59, 21 January 2010 (UTC)
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