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[edit] 1 and 2

Hmm, this page is still messed up somehow. It still shows up twice on the Special:Uncategorizedpages page. There it is displayed as "Kobe" twice, but the links are actually for "Kobe#1" and "Kobe#2". On the All pages listing, there are only links for "Kobe" and "Kobe_1". I know I posted that "remind Tom" note on the 19th. I deleted the page then, right? I'm confused. -- Tom 15:31, 1 Jan 2005 (MST)

You're probably not supposed to use a "#" sign in a URL. You need those for identifiers, so Kobe#2 will go to Kobe to the "2" section. They should be deleted and renamed without the "#". --ED!smilde
Yeah, we tried that. Many times, in fact. No luck. -- Tom 14:50, 26 Mar 2005 (MST)

I know this is a radical idea, but this might be the only thing that works. Why not just back up the data from the Kobe page, delete all the copies of the page (ex. Kobe#1), along with the page itself, and then re-posting the page? That would fix the problems mentioned above, and after it's been re-posted, all we'd have to do is fix a couple of inaccurate links.

-- WJRod2003 3:26 PM- Mar 30, 2005 (EST)

Like I said, we tried that. No luck. -- Tom 19:16, 2 Apr 2005 (MST)

I'll be taking a look on this problem in a few days - I should be able to deduce something from my copy of the database. The solution will likely require direct database manipulation, but I'll be happy to write the SQL commands needed. --Pidgeot (t) (c) (e) 21:23, 3 May 2005 (UTC)

A way to fix it is by removing every reference to those extra pages from the database. I've done a couple of database queries, and should have found all the reference to anything called Kobe*.
However, it comes with the cost of losing page history for these pages. This will affect the histories of User:Kilroy, User:Forteblast, User:Southpaw018, User:, User:, and User: (and, if we also clear Kobe_2 from the archive, User:evin290). --Pidgeot (t) (c) (e) 18:06, 4 May 2005 (UTC)
Added 19:29, 4 May 2005 (UTC): Alternatively, we could rename them in the database and delete them "properly". --Pidgeot (t) (c) (e)
Sounds great. I'll work on this tonight. Pidgeot, if you want to email me those queries the would rename that pages so we can delete them properly, that would be fantastic. -- Tom 20:07, 4 May 2005 (UTC)

Okay, so I ran

UPDATE cur SET cur_title='Kobe_no_01' WHERE cur_id=3198;
UPDATE cur SET cur_title='Kobe_no_1' WHERE cur_id=3199;
UPDATE cur SET cur_title='Kobe_no_2' WHERE cur_id=3153;
UPDATE old SET old_title='Kobe_no_1' WHERE old_title='Kobe_#1';
UPDATE old SET old_title='Kobe_no_2' WHERE old_title='Kobe_#2';

And then properly deleted "Kobe no 01" and "Kobe no 2". Everything seems to be fixed, once again thanks to Pidgeot. Good work. -- Tom 17:28, 5 May 2005 (UTC)

[edit] replace with HTML entity?

<STAB location="the dark" type="random" effectiveness="unknown">what about using &#23; in place of # in the page title (assuming the titles are editable?) that might allow the wiki link builder to free itself from the confusion about internal anchors. </STAB>

As far as I can tell, Mediawiki doesn't translate HTML entities in titles, so that probably won't work.--Pidgeot (t) (c) (e) 18:08, 4 May 2005 (UTC)
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