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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for Jibblies 2. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="ween07.swf" width="550" height="400">
  <line start="25" end="37" speaker="strongmad">Uhhh...</line>
  <line start="39" end="46" speaker="strongmad">Dah!</line>
  <line start="50" end="58" speaker="strongmad">Daah?</line>
  <line start="59" end="83" speaker="strongmad">I FORGOT MY RUSKIE FLAG!</line>
  <line start="84" end="100"><strongmad>I FORGOT MY RUSKIE FLAG!</strongmad><sfx>spooky music</sfx></line>
  <line start="101" end="134" speaker="sfx">spooky music</line>
  <line start="135" end="152"><painting voiceover="voiceover">Come on in heeeeeere!</painting><sfx>spooky music</sfx></line>
  <line start="153" end="167"><strongmad>AUGH! JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE!!!</strongmad><sfx>spooky music</sfx><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="168" end="211"><strongmad>AUGH! JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE!!!</strongmad><sfx>spooky music</sfx></line>
  <line start="212" end="230"><!--<text>an incredibly scary halloween-type cartoon</text>--><sfx>spooky music</sfx><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="231" end="241" ><!--<text>an incredibly scary halloween-type cartoon</text>--><sfx>spooky music</sfx></line>
  <line start="242" end="256"><!--<text>made by the same people who always make these cartoons</text>--><sfx>spooky music</sfx><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="257" end="271"><!--<text>made by the same people who always make these cartoons</text>--><sfx>spooky music</sfx></line>
  <line start="272" end="286"><!--<text>okay, maybe it's not that scary</text>--><sfx>spooky music</sfx><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="287" end="306"><!--<text>okay, maybe it's not that scary</text>--><sfx>spooky music</sfx></line>
  <line start="307" end="313" speaker="sfx">thunderclap</line>
  <line start="314" end="321" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="324" end="350" speaker="strongbad">Aw, he looks adorable!</line>
  <line start="351" end="367" speaker="strongbad">Get a picture! Get a picture!</line>
  <line start="368" end="374" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noise</line>
  <line start="375" end="382" speaker="thecheat">Camera-like click</line>
  <line start="383" end="395" speaker="strongbad">That's a keeper!</line>
  <line start="396" end="410" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="411" end="451" speaker="strongbad">Yeah, I dunno where Strong Mad is. You'd better go check on him.</line>
  <line start="452" end="462" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="464" end="511" speaker="strongbad">Make sure he didn't get into our stash of razor blade candy apples again!</line>
  <line start="539" end="550" speaker="strongbad">I hate you.</line>
  <line start="562" end="590" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="592" end="610"><sfx>thunderclap</sfx><strongmad volume=".7">JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE...</strongmad></line>
  <line start="611" end="629"><thecheat>screaming The Cheat noise</thecheat><strongmad volume=".7">JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE...</strongmad></line>
  <line start="630" end="642" speaker="strongmad" volume=".7">JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE...</line>
  <line start="643" end="661"><painting>Come on in heeeeeere!</painting><strongmad volume=".7">JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE...</strongmad></line>
  <line start="662" end="673"><thecheat>creeped-out The Cheat noises</thecheat><strongmad volume=".7">JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE...</strongmad><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="674" end="699"><thecheat>creeped-out The Cheat noises</thecheat><strongmad volume=".7">JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE...</strongmad></line>
  <line start="700" end="719" speaker="marzipan"><sfx>strumming notes</sfx>E... A... D... G...</line>
  <line start="720" end="736"><marzipan><sfx>strumming notes</sfx>E... A... D... G...</marzipan><sfx>phone rings</sfx></line>
  <line start="737" end="753" speaker="marzipan">Homestar, could you get that?</line>
  <line start="754" end="766" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">No way!</line>
  <line start="767" end="779" speaker="sfx">phone rings</line>
  <line start="780" end="819" speaker="marzipan">Homestar, I'm busy tuning my costume!</line>
  <line start="820" end="834"><homestar voiceover="voiceover">And I'm busy not answering the phone!</homestar><sfx>phone rings</sfx></line>
  <line start="835" end="855" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">And I'm busy not answering the phone!</line>
  <line start="856" end="863" speaker="marzipan">Humph.</line>
  <line start="870" end="878" speaker="sfx">phone rings</line>
  <line start="879" end="882" speaker="sfx">click!</line>
  <line start="883" end="904" speaker="marzipan">Oh, great. You made me miss it.</line>
  <line start="905" end="943" speaker="marzipan" voiceover="voiceover">Boo! This is Marzipan! Leave me a spooky message.</line>
  <line start="944" end="951" speaker="sfx">beep!</line>
  <line start="952" end="963" speaker="painting" voiceover="voiceover">Come on in heeeeeere!</line>
  <line start="964" end="972"><painting voiceover="voiceover">Come on in heeeeeere!</painting><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="973" end="989" speaker="marzipan">Jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</line>
  <line start="990" end="1023"><homestar>Marzipan! I'm done not answering the phone!</homestar><marzipan volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</marzipan></line>
  <line start="1024" end="1052"><homestar>Do you still need me to answer the phone?</homestar><marzipan volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</marzipan></line>
  <line start="1053" end="1083"><homestar>Marzipan? What are you doing?</homestar><marzipan volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</marzipan></line>
  <line start="1084" end="1104"><homestar>Are you playing a song?</homestar><marzipan volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</marzipan></line>
  <line start="1105" end="1144"><homestar>What is that? Raspberry Beret?</homestar><marzipan volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</marzipan></line>
  <line start="1145" end="1160"><homestar>Wait, what's that?</homestar><marzipan volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</marzipan></line>
  <line start="1161" end="1199"><homestar>You say you want me to go out by myself and leave you here?</homestar><marzipan volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</marzipan></line>
  <line start="1200" end="1235"><homestar>Okay, if you say so!</homestar><marzipan volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</marzipan></line>
  <line start="1236" end="1250" speaker="marzipan" volume=".7">...jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie...</line>
  <line start="1251" end="1295" speaker="strongbad">And your stupid face! And your stupid face!</line>
  <line start="1296" end="1299" speaker="strongbad">Oh!</line>
  <line start="1300" end="1322" speaker="homestar">Hey, Strong Bad! Hey, The Cheat!</line>
  <line start="1323" end="1362" speaker="strongbad">Well, if it isn't the human grate-on-my-nerves!</line>
  <line start="1363" end="1405" speaker="strongbad">Don't you have an estranged girlfriend to be annoying somewhere?</line>
  <line start="1406" end="1461" speaker="homestar">Nah, she's busy shimmyin' and shakin' and talkin' about giblets or something.</line>
  <line start="1462" end="1517" speaker="strongbad">Giblets? Wait, Homestar, are you telling me that Marzipan has the jibblies?!</line>
  <line start="1518" end="1557" speaker="homestar">Strong Bad, I think that's a bit of a personal question.</line>
  <line start="1558" end="1593" speaker="strongbad">We gotta hurry! Strong Mad and The Cheat are in great<span style="visibility:hidden"></span> danger!</line>
  <line start="1594" end="1613" speaker="strongbad">We gotta hurry! Strong Mad and The Cheat are in danger!</line>
  <line start="1648" end="1664" speaker="homestar">I hate you, The Stick.</line>
  <line start="1667" end="1674"><strongbad sfx="sfx">gasp!</strongbad><homestar sfx="sfx">gasp!</homestar></line>
  <line start="1675" end="1713"><strongbad voiceover="voiceover">Oh no! We're snowed in!</strongbad><thecheat volume=".7">creeped-out The Cheat noises</thecheat><strongmad volume=".7">...JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE...</strongmad></line>
  <line start="1714" end="1743"><strongbad>I mean, we're too late!</strongbad><thecheat volume=".7">creeped-out The Cheat noises</thecheat><strongmad volume=".7">...JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE...</strongmad></line>
  <line start="1744" end="1769" speaker="strongbad">I know who's behind all this!</line>
  <line start="1788" end="1814" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">Poodonkis is behind all this?</line>
  <line start="1815" end="1859" speaker="strongbad">No, no, no, not Strong Mad's stuffed Dromeciomimus.</line>
  <line start="1860" end="1934" speaker="strongbad">There's usually this really horrible painting in there of some kind of demon holding a torch.</line>
  <line start="1935" end="1959" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="yes">Why is he holding that torch?!</line>
  <line start="1960" end="1984" speaker="homestar">Oh, you mean the jibblies painting!</line>
  <line start="1985" end="1998" speaker="strongbad">Wait, you know about it?</line>
  <line start="1999" end="2040" speaker="homestar">Yeah! Brother called up Marzipan right before I ran into you!</line>
  <line start="2041" end="2081" speaker="strongbad">Jibblies via phone line?! It's worse than I thought!</line>
  <line start="2082" end="2106" speaker="homestar">Poodonkis must be stopped!</line>
  <line start="2114" end="2148" speaker="strongsad" voiceover="yes">Oh, the Clutch of Glaives!</line>
  <line start="2149" end="2218" speaker="strongsad">That means you should start sending some hot chicks over to your dumpier friends.</line>
  <line start="2232" end="2268" speaker="strongsad">Ooooh! And the Cult of Ray.</line>
  <line start="2269" end="2330" speaker="strongsad">That means you should seriously stop hogging all the hot chicks!</line>
  <line start="2333" end="2351" speaker="pompom">bubbles</line>
  <line start="2352" end="2394" speaker="strongsad">Don't look at me! The cards do not lie!</line>
  <line start="2408" end="2441" speaker="strongsad" voiceover="yes">Weird. I've never seen this one before.</line>
  <line start="2442" end="2445" speaker="sfx">thunderclap</line>
  <line start="2446" end="2464"><sfx>thunderclap</sfx><painting>Come on in heeeeeere!</painting></line>
  <line start="2465" end="2509"><strongsad>Jibbliebbliebbliebbliebbliebblie...</strongsad><pompom>jibblie-like bubbling</pompom></line>
  <line start="2510" end="2523" speaker="strongbad">Bubs! Bubs!</line>
  <line start="2524" end="2565" speaker="strongbad">We're gonna need garlic, crosses, silver bullets, holy water,</line>
  <line start="2566" end="2606" speaker="strongbad">and VHS copies of Pumpkinshead 2 through 4!</line>
  <line start="2613" end="2619" speaker="strongbad">Bubs?</line>
  <line start="2620" end="2630" speaker="bubs" voiceover="voiceover">Jibblie!</line>
  <line start="2631" end="2637" speaker="homestar">Bubs?!</line>
  <line start="2638" end="2644" speaker="bubs" voiceover="voiceover">Jibblie!</line>
  <line start="2645" end="2662" speaker="homestar">We're snowed in again!</line>
  <line start="2663" end="2669" speaker="bubs">Jibblie?</line>
  <line start="2670" end="2693" speaker="strongbad">All right, Homestar. We're on our own.</line>
  <line start="2694" end="2698" speaker="bubs">Jibblie!</line>
  <line start="2699" end="2728" speaker="strongbad">All the good characters have already been jibblied!</line>
  <line start="2729" end="2740" speaker="bubs">Uhhh... jibblie.</line>
  <line start="2741" end="2750" speaker="homestar">What about Coach--</line>
  <line start="2751" end="2777" speaker="strongbad"><em>All</em> the good characters.</line>
  <line start="2778" end="2789" speaker="homestar">What we gonna do?</line>
  <line start="2790" end="2804" speaker="strongbad">We gotta hide, man! That thing's unstoppable!</line>
  <line start="2805" end="2808"><strongbad>We gotta hide, man! That thing's unstoppable!</strongbad><bubs volume=".7">Jibblie.</bubs></line>
  <line start="2809" end="2827" speaker="strongbad">We gotta hide, man! That thing's unstoppable!</line>
  <line start="2828" end="2910" speaker="strongbad">We'll live underground and slowly evolve into mole people with gross eyes and claws.</line>
  <line start="2911" end="2920" speaker="strongbad" sfx="sfx">scratching noises</line>
  <line start="2921" end="2939" speaker="homestar">Sounds like a plan!</line>
  <line start="2943" end="3000" speaker="coachz">Yes, when it's Hallowern night and there's an insane paintin' runnin' around,</line>
  <line start="3001" end="3073" speaker="coachz">there's no safer place for a pretty young thing like me than in the shower.</line>
  <line start="3074" end="3109" speaker="coachz">My good man, could you please pass the Port Plus?</line>
  <line start="3110" end="3118" speaker="painting">Come on in heeeeeere!</line>
  <line start="3119" end="3127"><painting>Come on in heeeeeere!</painting><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="3128" end="3156" speaker="coachz">Eh-jorbblie jorbblie jorbblie jorbblie jorbblie...</line>
  <line start="3159" end="3221" speaker="kingoftown">King dangit, Poopsmith! I want me some of that giblet flu that's been goin' around!</line>
  <line start="3222" end="3245" speaker="kingoftown">That mess sounds delicious!</line>
  <line start="3259" end="3275" speaker="painting">Guess what come on in heeeeeere!</line>
  <line start="3276" end="3290"><kingoftown>Oooh! Giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet...</kingoftown><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="3291" end="3331" speaker="kingoftown">Oooh! Giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet giblet...</line>
  <line start="3339" end="3359" speaker="painting">Come on in heeeeere?</line>
  <line start="3360" end="3409" speaker="homsar">I'm a touchy-feely-holic!</line>
  <line start="3413" end="3433" speaker="painting">Jibblie jibblie jibblie...</line>
  <line start="3441" end="3476" speaker="strongbad">Now all the lame characters have been jibblied too!</line>
  <line start="3477" end="3488" speaker="homestar">A-<em>hem.</em></line>
  <line start="3489" end="3514" speaker="strongbad">Er, sorry man. All but one.</line>
  <line start="3515" end="3532" speaker="homestar">Thank you very much.</line>
  <line start="3533" end="3569" speaker="strongbad">Well, time to start evolving into mole people.</line>
  <line start="3570" end="3622" speaker="strongbad">Now, shut your eyes really tight and try and heighten your other senses.</line>
  <line start="3623" end="3646" speaker="strongbad" sfx="sfx">mumbling</line>
  <line start="3647" end="3654" speaker="strongbad">Homestar?</line>
  <line start="3657" end="3665" speaker="painting">Come!</line>
  <line start="3666" end="3672" speaker="painting">On!</line>
  <line start="3673" end="3691"><painting>In heeeeeere!</painting><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="3692" end="3707" speaker="strongbad">Not again!</line>
  <line start="3708" end="3740" speaker="strongbad">A-JIBBLIE-JIBBLIE-JIBBLIE-JIBBLIE-JIBBLIE-JIBBLIE-JIBBLIE-JIBBLIE...</line>
  <line start="3741" end="3795" speaker="strongbad"><em>(increasingly incomprehensible)</em> Jibblieibblieibblieibblie...</line>
  <line start="3796" end="3816"><homestar>Sorry, making a sandwich.</homestar><strongbad volume=".7">Jibblieibblieibblieibblie...</strongbad></line>
  <line start="3817" end="3826" speaker="homestar">What did you just say?</line>
  <line start="3827" end="3845" speaker="painting">Come on in heeeeeeere!</line>
  <line start="3850" end="3875" speaker="homestar">Come on in there? Okay.</line>
  <line start="3896" end="3921" speaker="homestar">Whoa, nice style!</line>
  <line start="3922" end="3959" speaker="homestar">Hello! I came on in here!</line>
  <line start="3962" end="3982" speaker="painting">How's it going maaaaaan?</line>
  <line start="3983" end="4014" speaker="homestar">Pretty good, creeptake! Is this your house?</line>
  <line start="4015" end="4040" speaker="painting">It's not much but it's home.</line>
  <line start="4041" end="4071" speaker="painting">I plan to re-do the kitchen.</line>
  <line start="4072" end="4103" speaker="homestar">That is literally so great.</line>
  <line start="4104" end="4144" speaker="homestar">Listen, uh, how come you jibblized all my friends?</line>
  <line start="4145" end="4174" speaker="painting">I just wanted someone to come on in heeeeeere.</line>
  <line start="4175" end="4201" speaker="painting">I love to entertaaain.</line>
  <line start="4202" end="4216" speaker="homestar">What about that guy?</line>
  <line start="4217" end="4239" speaker="sfx">organ music</line>
  <line start="4240" end="4270" speaker="painting">That guy has serious problems.</line>
  <line start="4271" end="4334" speaker="homestar">Oh. Well, if I let you entertain me, will you un-jibblify my pals?</line>
  <line start="4335" end="4385" speaker="painting">Yes. But you have to stay here with me for all eternityyyy.</line>
  <line start="4386" end="4414" speaker="homestar">Hey, no sweat. I love eternity!</line>
  <line start="4415" end="4435" speaker="painting">Then it is done!</line>
  <line start="4440" end="4461"><painting sfx="sfx">speaking backwards</painting><sfx>thunderclap</sfx></line>
  <line start="4462" end="4477" speaker="strongbad">Jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie</line>
  <line start="4478" end="4488" speaker="strongbad">Super Scope 6!</line>
  <line start="4489" end="4526" speaker="strongbad">Whoa! The jibblies are gone! I'm saved!</line>
  <line start="4527" end="4547"><strongmad>ME TOO!</strongmad><thecheat>exclamatory The Cheat noises</thecheat></line>
  <line start="4548" end="4583" speaker="strongbad">Strong Mad! The Cheat! You're all right!</line>
  <line start="4584" end="4607" speaker="strongbad">Everything's back to normal!</line>
  <line start="4608" end="4635" speaker="marzipan">You guys, have you seen Homestar?</line>
  <line start="4636" end="4651" speaker="strongbad">What are you doing in my house?</line>
  <line start="4695" end="4745" speaker="homestar">So, is it eternity yet? I think it's eternity already.</line>
  <line start="4746" end="4785" speaker="homestar">Oops, it's five past eternity. You'd better let me go.</line>
  <line start="4786" end="4856" speaker="homestar">Beep! Beep! Beep! Your eternity alarm's going off! It's probably time to send me home.</line>
  <line start="4862" end="4895" speaker="homestar" voiceover="yes">Marzipan's supposed to be making me some giblets or something.</line>
  <line start="4896" end="4902" speaker="sfx">DA-<span style="visibility:hidden">DA-DA-DA-DAAAAAAAA!</span></line>
  <line start="4903" end="4906" speaker="sfx">DA-DA-<span style="visibility:hidden">DA-DA-DAAAAAAAA!</span></line>
  <line start="4907" end="4911" speaker="sfx">DA-DA-DA-<span style="visibility:hidden">DA-DAAAAAAAA!</span></line>
  <line start="4912" end="4916" speaker="sfx">DA-DA-DA-DA-<span style="visibility:hidden">DAAAAAAAA!</span></line>
  <line start="4917" end="4939" speaker="sfx">DA-DA-DA-DA-DAAAAAAAA!</line>
  <line start="4966" end="5003" speaker="homestar">Hey, the girlfriend formerly known as Marzipan,</line>
  <line start="5004" end="5038" speaker="homestar">I think you missed a little bit when you were shaving.</line>
  <line start="5039" end="5075" speaker="homestar">Right there, about the sideburns area.</line>
  <line start="5076" end="5113" speaker="marzipan">More like the former girlfriend known as Marzipan.</line>
  <line start="5114" end="5134" speaker="homestar">Sounds like a plan!</line>
  <line start="5143" end="5184" speaker="coachz">Hey, Strong Bad! I thought you was gonna dress up as the alien this year!</line>
  <line start="5185" end="5199"><coachz>Hey, Strong Bad! I thought you was gonna dress up as the alien this year!</coachz><strongsad>Xenomorph! Xenomorph!</strongsad></line>
  <line start="5200" end="5263" speaker="strongbad">Yeah, I was gonna, but when I got to the Hammacher Schlammacher's, they were all sold out.</line>
<line start="5264" end="5306" speaker="strongbad">I did get an awesome Shiatsu massage wine opener, though.</line>
  <line start="5313" end="5354" speaker="strongsad">So wait. Was there ever a Jibblies 1?</line>
  <line start="5355" end="5394" speaker="strongbad">Nah, horror movies don't even need first movies anymore.</line>
  <line start="5395" end="5449" speaker="strongbad">This is the reboot of the reimagining of the reinvention of the original!</line>
  <line start="5450" end="5497" speaker="strongsad">"Original" and "horror movie"? Not these days.</line>
  <line start="5506" end="5559" speaker="homestar">Hey Bubs, nice "Schneider from One Day at a Time" costume.</line>
  <line start="5560" end="5606" speaker="kingoftown">No way. He's Monroe from Too Close For Comfort.</line>
  <line start="5607" end="5656" speaker="bubs">You're both way off! Marzipan, do you know who I am?</line>
  <line start="5657" end="5670" speaker="marzipan">I don't know.</line>
  <line start="5676" end="5692" speaker="sfx">splash</line>
  <line start="5693" end="5716" speaker="strongbad">Daaa...I heard that.</line>
  <line start="5723" end="5794" speaker="homestar">Hey Pom Pom, now that I'm the strongest man... in the world... let me get that golbol.</line>
  <line start="5795" end="5806" speaker="pompom">bubbles</line>
  <line start="5822" end="5833"><sfx>bang!</sfx><homestar>Ow!</homestar></line>
  <line start="5841" end="5902" speaker="homestar">Good smells? Where The Poopsmith's going, he doesn't need good smells!</line>
  <line start="5912" end="5941" speaker="homestar">King of Town, I gotta hand it to ya.</line>
  <line start="5942" end="5980" speaker="homestar">That is one great melted Don King outfit.</line>
  <line start="5981" end="6036" speaker="kingoftown">Oh, I could go for a box of melted King Dons myself.</line>
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