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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="halloween2005mx.swf" width="550" height="400">
  <line start="80" end="100" speaker="homestar">Wah! You scared me!</line>
  <line start="101" end="157" speaker="homestar">So, here's the deal: I'm lost inside this haunted mansion,</line>
  <line start="158" end="199" speaker="homestar">and I need your help to find my costume and get outta here!</line>
  <line start="200" end="228" speaker="homestar">So, what should we do first?</line>
  <line start="280" end="305" speaker="marzipan">What up, Homestar? Here's your costume!</line>
  <line start="306" end="330" speaker="homestar">Oh, thanks. You win!</line>
  <line start="331" end="380" speaker="marzipan">Homestar Michael Runner, what did you do to my Halloween Potion recipe?</line>
  <line start="381" end="391" speaker="homestar">Oh, yeah.</line>
  <line start="392" end="458" speaker="homestar">Marzipaaan! Can I draw ducks and bugs all over the recipe for your Halloween Potion?</line>
  <line start="459" end="475" speaker="marzipan">No way, Jorge.</line>
  <line start="476" end="533" speaker="marzipan">You're gonna figure out what those ingredients were and bring 'em back here before midnight.</line>
  <line start="534" end="575" speaker="marzipan">Now march your skinny white butt into those spooky woods, mister!!</line>
  <line start="576" end="596" speaker="homestar">Yes, Mom-zipan.</line>
  <line start="734" end="795" speaker="homestar">All right! These spooky woods gotta be chock full of spooky ingredients.</line>
  <line start="796" end="853" speaker="homestar">Let's see, the first one is "Something Water." Hmmmmmm...</line>
  <line start="854" end="914" speaker="coachz">Really? Then how come they'll be all nice to ya and act like they like ya to your face?</line>
  <line start="915" end="930" speaker="pompom">bubbles</line>
  <line start="931" end="973" speaker="coachz">Guess I have a lot to learn about mailmen.</line>
  <line start="974" end="998" speaker="homestar">Hey, what are you guys doin' out here?</line>
  <line start="999" end="1033" speaker="homestar">Did you ruin somebody's magic potion too?</line>
  <line start="1034" end="1093" speaker="coachz">Uh... nope. Unless Coach Z's life is a magic potion.</line>
  <line start="1094" end="1145" speaker="homestar">Cool, cool, depressing, cool. So, um...</line>
  <line start="1160" end="1191" speaker="homestar">Do either of you have any cash on you?</line>
  <line start="1192" end="1219" speaker="homestar">I'm tying to get me a sandwich or somethin'.</line>
  <line start="1220" end="1256" speaker="homestar">Uh, my car broke down and I'm out of gas.</line>
  <line start="1257" end="1330" speaker="coachz">Oh, sorry, man. All I gots is this bottle of, uh, ghost water?</line>
  <line start="1331" end="1391" speaker="homestar">That's perfect! I was planning on blowin' that money on ghost water anyways.</line>
  <line start="1444" end="1488" speaker="homestar">I need something that would be good in a Halloween Potion.</line>
  <line start="1489" end="1495" speaker="pompom">bubbles</line>
  <line start="1496" end="1535" speaker="coachz">Pom Pom can getcha a toe. With nail polish!</line>
  <line start="1536" end="1622" speaker="homestar">Um... do you have anything waterier? Or... more waterish? Or waterian?</line>
  <line start="1623" end="1638" speaker="coachz">Please, Homestar, stop!</line>
  <line start="1639" end="1687" speaker="coachz">Just take this bottle of questionable water that I keep on my person</line>
  <line start="1688" end="1715" speaker="coachz">at all times for questionable reasons!</line>
  <line start="1716" end="1733" speaker="homestar">I won't question that!</line>
  <line start="1786" end="1827" speaker="homestar">Taco-Man came by. He gave me some water, he gave me some water.</line>
  <line start="1828" end="1846" speaker="homestar">What are you guys gonna do for me?</line>
  <line start="1847" end="1877" speaker="coachz">Pom Pom, give the man some stank water.</line>
  <line start="1878" end="1924" speaker="coachz">I will not be upstaged by Taco-Man two years in a row!</line>
  <line start="1985" end="2006" speaker="homestar">Well, I gotta keep searchin'.</line>
  <line start="2007" end="2067" speaker="homestar">Too bad I probably won't run into anybody else mysteriously hanging out in the woods.</line>
  <line start="2075" end="2102" speaker="homestar">Oh! Whaddya know! How ya diggin'?</line>
  <line start="2103" end="2180" speaker="kingoftown">Oh! We're certainly not trying to unearth the ham sandwich that I buried here when I was nine.</line>
  <line start="2181" end="2214" speaker="homestar">Good. 'Cause I found that thing like two months ago.</line>
  <line start="2215" end="2250" speaker="homestar">It wasn't that good. Too much mayo.</line>
  <line start="2251" end="2299" speaker="kingoftown">Too much mayo?! I <em>love</em> too much mayo!</line>
  <line start="2317" end="2386" speaker="homestar">Hey, I've got it! I'll give you a detailed account of the consumption of your ham sammie</line>
  <line start="2387" end="2428" speaker="homestar">if you give me a powdered item for this Potion-ma-jig!</line>
  <line start="2429" end="2485" speaker="kingoftown">Sweet deal! Take some of this powdered Thanksgiving! Now let's hear it!</line>
  <line start="2486" end="2557" speaker="homestar">Okay, so first I washed all the dirt off with some Windex. That made it blue and soggy...</line>
  <line start="2571" end="2622" speaker="homestar">...and that last bite nearly made me puke it right back on my plate!</line>
  <line start="2623" end="2686" speaker="kingoftown">Oh, I wish you had. I surely wish you had!</line>
  <line start="2734" end="2799" speaker="homestar">I say, is that a powdered wig you're wearing, your Kentucky Fried-ness?</line>
  <line start="2800" end="2847" speaker="homestar">'Cause I'm in the market for some powdery dealings!</line>
  <line start="2848" end="2895" speaker="kingoftown">Well, I've got my secret blend of eleven herbs and spices.</line>
  <line start="2896" end="2920" speaker="kingoftown">But, of course, you can't have that.</line>
  <line start="2921" end="2969" speaker="homestar">Aw, that's too bad. I guess I'll just go on home and--</line>
  <line start="2970" end="2988" speaker="homestar">Pyong-pyong-pyong-pyong-pyong!</line>
  <line start="2991" end="3016" speaker="homestar">So long, suckers!</line>
  <line start="3017" end="3088" speaker="kingoftown">Ha! That blend was just a decoy! It only has <em>ten</em> herbs and spices!</line>
  <line start="3153" end="3212" speaker="homestar">Poopsmith, do I dare ask what powdered delights you've unearthed?</line>
  <line start="3226" end="3270" speaker="homestar">Ooh, ground ground. Thanks thanks, guys guys!</line>
  <line start="3362" end="3391" speaker="homestar">Oh, great, the secret guy.</line>
  <line start="3392" end="3402" speaker="homsar">AaAaA--</line>
  <line start="3403" end="3423" speaker="homestar">Just gimme my choices!</line>
  <line start="3446" end="3492" speaker="homestar">What I'm supposed to do with <em>that</em> mess? I'm outta here!</line>
  <line start="3493" end="3568" speaker="homsar">Location, location, location!</line>
  <line start="3582" end="3596" speaker="strongmad">HOH! DAH!</line>
  <line start="3597" end="3623" speaker="homestar">Whoa. This is a cool new background!</line>
  <line start="3624" end="3688" speaker="strongbad">Yeah! We were just burying our problems here in the spooky woods when we found this creepy cliff!</line>
  <line start="3689" end="3735" speaker="strongbad">It's perfect for the chucking off of busted old TVs.</line>
  <line start="3736" end="3794" speaker="homestar">Essence of busted old TVs? 'Cuz I got a serious jones!</line>
  <line start="3795" end="3860" speaker="strongbad">Uh, I think these TVs lost their essence in the seventies. What are you doing here, anyways?</line>
  <line start="3870" end="3931" speaker="homestar">I've always felt that essence of rose petals is my very most favorite essence.</line>
  <line start="3932" end="3947" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="3948" end="4008" speaker="strongbad">Oh, I agree, The Cheat. Essence of doo doo meringue has always been my favorite.</line>
  <line start="4009" end="4065" speaker="strongbad">In fact... there's a whole bunch of it down at the bottom of this cliff you can have.</line>
  <line start="4067" end="4086" speaker="homestar">Cannonball!</line>
  <line start="4143" end="4198" speaker="homestar">I'm trying to ruin Marzipan's Halloween Potion. Got any leads?</line>
  <line start="4199" end="4227" speaker="strongbad">That's a worthy cause if ever there was one!</line>
  <line start="4228" end="4284" speaker="strongbad">How about this essence of putting Strong Mad's hand in warm water while he's asleep?</line>
  <line start="4285" end="4317" speaker="strongmad">MY SECRET SHAME!</line>
  <line start="4324" end="4352" speaker="homestar">Thanks a lot you guuuuuuuys!</line>
  <line start="4417" end="4450" speaker="homestar">I'm in the mood for a Hovan roll!</line>
  <line start="4451" end="4491" speaker="strongbad">Yeah, me too. Let's have a race to the food court.</line>
  <line start="4492" end="4516" speaker="strongbad">Here's the starting line. Ready, go!</line>
  <line start="4517" end="4550" speaker="homestar">Eat my duuuuuuuust!</line>
  <line start="4609" end="4651" speaker="strongbad">Meka-leka-hi-meka-The Cheat throw a TV on 'im...</line>
  <line start="4664" end="4671" speaker="strongbad">...ho.</line>
  <line start="4701" end="4767" speaker="homestar">Hey, Bubs! Fancy runnin' into you in the middle of the spooky woods sellin' stirring utensils.</line>
  <line start="4768" end="4789" speaker="bubs">It's a niche market.</line>
  <line start="4790" end="4845" speaker="homestar">So, what kind of concoctions might one stir with your wares?</line>
  <line start="4846" end="4912" speaker="bubs">Well, a little eye of newt, some toe of frog. Baby, you got a witches' brew goin'.</line>
  <line start="4913" end="4966" speaker="homestar">Hey, that's my line! So, how do I score one of those jobbies?</line>
  <line start="4967" end="5003" speaker="bubs">Oh, they're free. But you gotta <em>earn</em> 'em!</line>
  <line start="5004" end="5033" speaker="homestar">Uh, that doesn't sound free at all.</line>
  <line start="5034" end="5058" speaker="bubs">Well you just gotta <em>earn</em> 'em!</line>
  <line start="5059" end="5089" speaker="homestar">How should I do that?</line>
  <line start="5100" end="5158" speaker="homestar">A little to the left, come on, come on, back to the right, shake it around.</line>
  <line start="5159" end="5216">
    <homestar>A little to the left, come on, come on, back to the right, shake it around.</homestar>
    <bubs>Oh yeah! Stick and move, stick and move!</bubs>
  <line start="5217" end="5292" speaker="bubs">You're pretty good, shorty. That's worth at least a <cite>Jurassic Park III</cite> collector's spoon.</line>
  <line start="5354" end="5385" speaker="homestar">Okay, here goes. Two and three and four.</line>
  <line start="5386" end="5428" speaker="homestar"><i>(singing) Backyard peaches! Treats come true!</i></line>
  <line start="5429" end="5476" speaker="homestar"><i>Karate Summer, what wouldja do?</i></line>
  <line start="5477" end="5520">
    <homestar><i>The world is the egg, and diapers come true.</i></homestar>
  <line start="5521" end="5569" speaker="bubs">Heard enough of that one! You... you get a chewed-up pen.</line>
  <line start="5618" end="5646" speaker="homestar">Well... well...</line>
  <line start="5648" end="5671" speaker="homestar">...Nancy and I...</line>
  <line start="5676" end="5696" speaker="homestar">...economics...</line>
  <line start="5699" end="5712" speaker="homestar">...well...</line>
  <line start="5716" end="5739" speaker="homestar">...rap music...</line>
  <line start="5742" end="5763" speaker="homestar">...jellybeans...</line>
  <line start="5766" end="5778" speaker="homestar">...well...</line>
  <line start="5782" end="5831" speaker="homestar">...we... probably had a... pet...</line>
  <line start="5832" end="5876" speaker="bubs">That's the worst Ronald Reagan impression I've ever heard!</line>
  <line start="5877" end="5926" speaker="homestar"><em>Ronald</em> Reagan?! I was doing my <em>Keanu</em> Reagan!</line>
  <line start="5927" end="5960" speaker="bubs">Just take this terlet brush and get outta here!</line>
  <line start="6012" end="6036" speaker="homestar">Thanks, Great American Bubs!</line>
  <line start="6041" end="6103" speaker="homestar">Now to find Strong Sad. Anything that guy says will make <em>great</em> magic words!</line>
  <line start="6121" end="6160" speaker="homestar">Hey, Strong Sad. Nice fire hydrant costume!</line>
  <line start="6161" end="6178" speaker="strongsad">Uh. Mineral water... What?</line>
  <line start="6203" end="6242" speaker="homestar">I just graduated. What should my epitaph say?</line>
  <line start="6243" end="6287" speaker="strongsad">Homestar, do you even have half a brain?</line>
  <line start="6288" end="6341" speaker="homestar">Hot biscuits! Those are the best magic words I've ever heards!</line>
  <line start="6407" end="6439" speaker="homestar">If you were at a party, what would you rap?</line>
  <line start="6440" end="6509" speaker="strongsad">Each day, we die a little more, yo! Betta ax somebod-ay!</line>
  <line start="6510" end="6544" speaker="homestar">Ooh! Fresh beats! My favorite!</line>
  <line start="6605" end="6648" speaker="homestar">Taco-Man came by. We played a little foosball, played a little foosball.</line>
  <line start="6649" end="6687" speaker="homestar">So, what are some of your favorite words?</line>
  <line start="6688" end="6773" speaker="strongsad">In no particular order: Loquentia... Imbruglia...</line>
  <line start="6774" end="6873" speaker="strongsad">Precipitous... Saralee...cheesecake... Denouement...</line>
  <line start="6874" end="6887" speaker="homestar">Those are great!</line>
  <line start="6943" end="6971" speaker="homestar">Thanks for the words, half-man!</line>
  <line start="6979" end="7013" speaker="strongsad">Go forward! Move ahead.</line>
  <line start="7014" end="7055" speaker="strongsad">Try to detect it! It's not too late.</line>
  <line start="7081" end="7118" speaker="homestar">All right, so here's what I came up with:</line>
  <line start="7123" end="7139" speaker="homestar">A bottle of ghost water...</line>
  <line start="7151" end="7173" speaker="homestar">A bottle of questionable water...</line>
  <line start="7186" end="7205" speaker="homestar">A bottle of stank water...</line>
  <line start="7216" end="7239" speaker="homestar">Some powdered Thanksgiving...</line>
  <line start="7249" end="7286" speaker="homestar">A secret blend of eleven herbs and spices...</line>
  <line start="7301" end="7317" speaker="homestar">Some ground ground...</line>
  <line start="7333" end="7354" speaker="homestar">And essence of doo doo meringue.</line>
  <line start="7365" end="7413" speaker="homestar">And essence of putting Strong Mad's hand in warm water while he's asleep.</line>
  <line start="7422" end="7465" speaker="homestar">And essence of gullibility, whatever that is.</line>
  <line start="7477" end="7530" speaker="homestar">And give it a little stir with this <cite>Jurassic Park III</cite> collector's spoon.</line>
  <line start="7542" end="7579" speaker="homestar">And give it a little stir with this chewed-up pen.</line>
  <line start="7590" end="7628" speaker="homestar">And give it a little stir with this terlet brush.</line>
  <line start="7639" end="7669" speaker="homestar">And say these magic words.</line>
  <line start="7673" end="7717" speaker="marzipan">Do you even have half a brain!</line>
  <line start="7736" end="7765" speaker="marzipan">Here, Homestar. Have some melonade!</line>
  <line start="7766" end="7786" speaker="homestar">Don't mind if I do!</line>
  <line start="7809" end="7839" speaker="homestar">And say these magic words.</line>
  <line start="7844" end="7877" speaker="marzipan">Better ax somebod-ay!</line>
  <line start="7892" end="7920" speaker="marzipan">Here, Homestar. Have some melonade!</line>
  <line start="7921" end="7941" speaker="homestar">Don't mind if I do!</line>
  <line start="7967" end="7997" speaker="homestar">And say these magic words.</line>
  <line start="8000" end="8097" speaker="marzipan">Loquentia, Imbruglia, Precipitous, Saraleecheesecakia, Denouement!</line>
  <line start="8114" end="8144" speaker="marzipan">Here, Homestar. Have some melonade!</line>
  <line start="8145" end="8165" speaker="homestar">Don't mind if I do!</line>
  <line start="8200" end="8240" speaker="marzipan">Yay, Homestar! You're back to your old self again!</line>
  <line start="8252" end="8301" speaker="marzipan">Yay, Homestar. You're back to your old self again...</line>
  <line start="8302" end="8333" speaker="homestar"><i>(singing) That costume makes your butt look big.</i></line>
  <line start="8415" end="8451" speaker="homestar">Aah! Marzipan! There's only one of you!</line>
  <line start="8452" end="8482" speaker="marzipan">Don't tell me you forgot how to use your eyes again.</line>
  <line start="8483" end="8533" speaker="homestar">Are you trying to tell me I haven't been dating twins this whole time?</line>
  <line start="8534" end="8582" speaker="marzipan">Um, I don't think you're gonna have to worry about dating anyone from now on.</line>
  <line start="8583" end="8601" speaker="homestar">Hooray!</line>
  <line start="8688" end="8707" speaker="marzipan">Ooh, goody goody gumdrops!</line>
  <line start="8708" end="8788" speaker="homestar"><i>(in a bad accent)</i> I say, Marzipan, let us away to my romantic chateau in the Fantastic mountains!</line>
  <line start="8789" end="8811" speaker="marzipan">I'll go pack my pashmina.</line>
  <line start="8816" end="8860" speaker="homestar"><i>(singing) Oh, gettin' lucky toniiiiiiiight...</i></line>
  <line start="8945" end="8973" speaker="marzipan">Hooray! I'm not the only girl!</line>
  <line start="8974" end="9014" speaker="homestar"><i>(distorted)</i> I think we're gonna become fast friends!</line>
  <line start="9017" end="9028" speaker="marzipan">Aaaaah!</line>
  <line start="9093" end="9124" speaker="marzipan">Ooh, he's so cute! Do it, do it, do it!</line>
  <line start="9152" end="9173" speaker="marzipan">...and scene!</line>
  <line start="9249" end="9301" speaker="homestar">Hey, Bubs, I like your Lando Calrissian outfit!</line>
  <line start="9302" end="9345" speaker="bubs">What are you talking about? I'm the master of disaster!</line>
  <line start="9346" end="9380" speaker="homestar">Uh-oh. Poopsmith, get ready...</line>
  <line start="9390" end="9426" speaker="strongbad">So Coach, how come you weren't a rapper this year?</line>
  <line start="9427" end="9485" speaker="coachz">But I am! Theo Huxtable is one of the greatest rappers of our time!</line>
  <line start="9486" end="9545" speaker="coachz">Jammin' on the one! Jammin' on the one! J-J-Jammin' on the one! Jammin' on the one!</line>
  <line start="9554" end="9585" speaker="marzipan">Meepmeep meep meep meep meepmeep meep!</line>
  <line start="9586" end="9610" speaker="strongbad">The Cheat, can you understand her?</line>
  <line start="9611" end="9623" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="9624" end="9645" speaker="marzipan">Meepmeep meep, meepmeep meep?</line>
  <line start="9646" end="9662" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="9663" end="9677" speaker="marzipan">Meepmeepmeepmeep meep!</line>
  <line start="9678" end="9690" speaker="thecheat">angry The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="9691" end="9720" speaker="marzipan">Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that meant something else.</line>
  <line start="9732" end="9773" speaker="strongbad">So, what, Pom Pom? You're every guy at a truck stop?</line>
  <line start="9774" end="9815" speaker="homestar">Uh oh, Strong Bad. You're entering a world of pain.</line>
  <line start="9816" end="9863" speaker="strongmad">DONNY! YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT!</line>
  <line start="9871" end="9884" speaker="homestar">Hey, Strong Bad!</line>
  <line start="9885" end="9908" speaker="homestar">Let me get a few dollars.</line>
  <line start="9909" end="9933" speaker="homestar">I'm trying to catch a train.</line>
  <line start="9934" end="9959" speaker="homestar">My wife, she's pregnant.</line>
  <line start="9960" end="9980" speaker="homestar">And I have thirteen kids.</line>
  <line start="9981" end="10001" speaker="homestar">I'm on hard times.</line>
  <line start="10002" end="10057" speaker="strongbad">Well, at least your shady drifter impression is better than your Ronald Reagan.</line>
  <line start="10058" end="10082" speaker="homestar">Ooh! I can hit you with some more of that too!</line>
  <line start="10087" end="10113" speaker="homestar">Well... well...</line>
  <line start="10118" end="10147" speaker="homestar">...Oliver Cromwell...</line>
  <line start="10163" end="10224" speaker="homestar">Strong Bad, Blanche from the Golden Girls? Genius!</line>
  <line start="10225" end="10253" speaker="strongbad">I'm not Blanche from the Golden Girls!</line>
  <line start="10254" end="10280" speaker="bubs">No, no, he's Phyllis Diller!</line>
  <line start="10281" end="10312" speaker="coachz">I thought you were supposed to be my hot mom!</line>
  <line start="10313" end="10375" speaker="strongbad">No, I'm Jambi the genie! You know, "Wish? Did somebody say wish?"</line>
  <line start="10376" end="10459" speaker="kingoftown">I wish you'd dress up as something I could recognize! Pop culture... mumble grumble...</line>
  <line start="10468" end="10480" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="10486" end="10505" speaker="thecheat">yelling The Cheat noises</line>
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