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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" width="550" height="400">
<line start="90" end="150" speaker="homestar">Hello, class. Strong Bad could not be here today, so I will be filling in.</line>
<line start="150" end="212" speaker="homestar">My name is Homestar Runner. </line>
<line start="212" end="274" speaker="homestar">Everyone please take out paper and a number 2 pencil, and we'll begin.</line>
<line start="274" end="312" speaker="homestar">Lesson one: "hi Strong Bad,"</line>
<line start="312" end="365" speaker="homestar">Um, I do believe I just told you my name is Homestar Runner.</line>
<line start="365" end="389" speaker="homestar">But I'll let it slide this time.</line>
<line start="389" end="452" speaker="homestar">"have you ever made anything out of anything? bye, Dan from FL"</line>
<line start="452" end="477" speaker="homestar">FL?</line>
<line start="477" end="506" speaker="homestar">Far-off Lands?</line>
<line start="506" end="535" speaker="homestar">Foreign Leadership Camp?</line>
<line start="535" end="549" speaker="homestar">Fish Lake?</line>
<line start="549" end="585" speaker="homestar">Oh, I got it. He's from Fish Lake.</line>
<line start="585" end="627" speaker="homestar">Well, Jerome, I once made a birthday present for Marzipan</line>
<line start="627" end="703" speaker="homestar">out of some of my old CD's I didn't like anymore and placed them in a decorative bag.</line>
<line start="703" end="764" speaker="homestar">And then I once made breakfast out of cold pizza and half and half.</line>
<line start="764" end="840" speaker="homestar">Oh! And one time I made a whole set of coasters out of some old Sega tapes.</line>
<line start="840" end="886" speaker="homestar">And I made a pair of shoes out of a pair of shoe boxes.</line>
<line start="886" end="924" speaker="coachz">Whoa, those are some fresh kicks there, Homestar! </line>
<line start="924" end="935" speaker="homestar">Thanks, I know!</line> 
<line start="935" end="974" speaker="coachz">So anyways, Reg had the ball at the top o' the key. </line>
<line start="974" end="1062" speaker="homestar">But this week, I will instruct you on how to make a wet computer out of Strong Bad's computer.</line>
<line start="1062" end="1106" speaker="homestar">First, you need a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew.</line>
<line start="1106" end="1130" speaker="homestar">Then get Strong Bad's computer.</line>
<line start="1131" end="1170" speaker="homestar">Apply liberally.</line>
<line start="1170" end="1187" speaker="sfx">offstage ringing noise</line>
<line start="1187" end="1198" speaker="homestar">Oops, we're out of time.</line>
<line start="1198" end="1222" speaker="strongsad" voiceover="voiceover">That's just my egg-timer!</line>
<line start="1222" end="1265" speaker="homestar">Class dismissed! Except for you, Jerome!</line>
<line start="1440" end="1502" speaker="homestar">Dang. This thing's like... the never-ending soda.</line>
<line start="1502" end="1610" speaker="homestar">Never-ending so-oda!<br/>A-a-ah, a-a-ah, a-a-ah...</line>
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