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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for island. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us">
   <line start="15" end="50" speaker="strongbad">Strong Bad Emails are a part of this balanced breakfast.</line>
   <line start="57" end="135" speaker="strongbad">"Dear Strong Bad, What would you do if you were stuck on a desert island with Homestar Runner? Yami Yugi, England"</line>
   <line start="139" end="194" speaker="strongbad">Well Yami Yugi, I suspect it would be like most cartoons.</line>
   <line start="196" end="271" speaker="strongbad">You know, we'd start to go nuts after a while and I would look at Homestar and he would look like a big steak.</line>
   <line start="276" end="351" speaker="strongbad">And then Homestar would look at me and I'd look like you know some kinda brownie sundae.</line>
   <line start="356" end="399" speaker="strongbad">So we'd chase each other around the island, trying to eat each other.</line>
   <line start="400" end="450" speaker="strongbad">And at some point my foot would look like a sandwich</line>
   <line start="451" end="502" speaker="strongbad">and I'd put salt on it and try to eat it and it's like, "Oh! It's my foot!!"</line>
   <line start="508" end="592" speaker="strongbad">But that's a best-case scenario. I'm sure in real life it would be much more annoying and painful with Homestar involved.</line>
   <line start="598" end="615" speaker="homestar">Hey, Strong Bad.</line>
   <line start="616" end="625" speaker="strongbad">What?</line>
   <line start="626" end="642" speaker="homestar">Are we rescued yet?</line>
   <line start="643" end="685" speaker="strongbad">You're gonna need to get rescued in a second if you don't quit asking me that.</line>
   <line start="689" end="742" speaker="homestar">Ohhhhhhhh... Hey, Strong Bad.</line>
   <line start="743" end="752" speaker="strongbad">What?</line>
   <line start="753" end="775" speaker="homestar">Is there ice cream yet?</line>
   <line start="780" end="821" speaker="strongbad">You're gonna need to get ice cream in a second if you don't quit asking me that.</line>
   <line start="828" end="897" speaker="strongbad">You know... 'cause I'm gonna hit you... and you'll need the ice cream to... stop the swelling.</line>
   <line start="904" end="922" speaker="homestar">Hey, Stinkoman.</line>
   <line start="923" end="958" speaker="strongbad">Um... did you just call me Stinkoman?</line>
   <line start="964" end="983" speaker="homestar">Yes, sir, I did.</line>
   <line start="988" end="1044" speaker="strongbad">Geez. You don't happen to have a gun on your side of the island, do ya?</line>
   <line start="1052" end="1076" speaker="homestar">No. Hey, Strong Bad, check this out!</line>
   <line start="1078" end="1092" speaker="strongbad">Oh, don't start with that—</line>
   <line start="1093" end="1100" speaker="homestar">Toons!</line>
   <line start="1104" end="1111" speaker="strongbad">Homestar—</line>
   <line start="1112" end="1116" speaker="homestar">Games!</line>
   <line start="1117" end="1122" speaker="strongbad">Don't do another—</line>
   <line start="1123" end="1139" speaker="homestar">Email!</line>
   <line start="1140" end="1149" speaker="strongbad">Ugh!</line>
   <line start="1150" end="1172" speaker="homestar">Man, I love doing that.</line>
   <line start="1174" end="1200" speaker="strongbad">Whoa, check it out. A message in a bottle.</line>
   <line start="1248" end="1254" speaker="strongbad">What?</line>
   <line start="1258" end="1337" speaker="strongbad">"Super Bowl Nineteen... Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers..." Great.</line>
   <line start="1346" end="1365" speaker="homestar">We're saved!</line>
   <line start="1374" end="1404" speaker="strongbad">This is the worst deserted island ever.</line>
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