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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for part-time job. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="sbemail121.swf" width="550" height="400">
    <line start="15" end="78" speaker="strongbad">A lot of ladies and a lot of girls... some healthy ladies and some healthy girls!</line>
    <line start="79" end="146" speaker="strongbad">"Dear Strongbad, Do you do anything besides checking e-mails? Sincerely, Hunter"</line>
    <line start="147" end="209" speaker="strongbad">Waudju- gighi- ikuh... What do you mean do I do anything else besides checking e-mails.</line>
    <line start="210" end="259" speaker="strongbad">'Course I freakin' do! I do everything! Always!</line>
    <line start="260" end="351" speaker="strongbad">Nature walks, Meet 'N Greets, Bus Chucker Club, The League of Me and The Cheat Ice Cream Socials.</line>
    <line start="352" end="417" speaker="strongbad">Shut up! I even have a part-part-part-part-very part-time job,</line>
    <line start="418" end="447" speaker="strongbad">to which I am currently 15 minutes late.</line>
    <line start="462" end="529" speaker="homestar">This is perfect! Just perfect! I couldn't be happier with my new invention!</line>
    <line start="530" end="569" speaker="homestar">I'll call it...the Super Question Machine!</line>
    <line start="570" end="611" speaker="strongbad">I gotta try and sneak out of here without Homestar noticing me.</line>
    <line start="612" end="624" speaker="homestar">Yeah, you do.</line>
    <line start="625" end="652" speaker="strongbad">Gonna need a diversion of some kind...</line>
    <line start="653" end="696" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
    <line start="697" end="724">
        <thecheat>The Cheat noises</thecheat>
        <homestar>Oh, wow! What a great new invention!</homestar>
    <line start="725" end="736" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
    <line start="737" end="751">
        <thecheat>The Cheat noises</thecheat>
        <strongbad>Nice work, The Cheat!</strongbad>
    <line start="752" end="772" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
    <line start="783" end="821" speaker="strongbad">Perfect! Bubs must be passed out on the floor again.</line>
    <line start="822" end="846" speaker="strongbad">Comin' in to work on time...</line>
    <line start="847" end="852" speaker="bubs">Aha!</line>
    <line start="853" end="867" speaker="strongbad" sfx="sfx">yells</line>
    <line start="868" end="915" speaker="bubs">Late again, Strong Bad. I'm not running a country club, you know.</line>
    <line start="916" end="932" speaker="strongbad">But Mr. Bubs, I was just—</line>
    <line start="933" end="995" speaker="bubs">Wastin' time with that email show of yours again. That mess'll never get you anywhere!</line>
    <line start="996" end="1067" speaker="strongbad">Yes it will! You'll see! I'm gonna be big one day. I'm gonna be a famous email checker!</line>
    <line start="1068" end="1121" speaker="bubs">And I'm gonna be two times two. Now put on your uniform and get to work!</line>
    <line start="1122" end="1133" speaker="strongbad">You're gonna be what?</line>
    <line start="1143" end="1196">
       <strongbad>That's right! Come on down to Bubs' and get you a free cup of ice</strongbad>
       <sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1197" end="1259">
       <strongbad>with purchase of deluxe cup of ice of equal or lesser value.</strongbad>
       <sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1260" end="1287" speaker="bubs">No, no. Work it, son, work it!</line>
    <line start="1288" end="1320">
       <strongbad sfx="sfx">humming</strongbad>
       <sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1321" end="1354">
       <bubs>That's it, that's it! Look out for Number 1!</bubs>
       <sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1355" end="1365"><sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1366" end="1398">
       <coachz>Hey, it's the hot dog clown! What fun!</coachz>
       <sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1399" end="1428">
       <coachz>Pom Pom, take a picture of me with the hot dog clown.</coachz>
       <sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1429" end="1434">
       <sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1435" end="1448">
       <coachz>It'll be classic!</coachz>
       <sfx>slow circus music</sfx></line>
    <line start="1450" end="1460"><sfx>flash sound</sfx></line>
    <line start="1470" end="1504" speaker="bubs">Pictures with the tragic clown dog ain't free!</line>
    <line start="1505" end="1563" speaker="bubs">Fifty bucks! Sixty bucks! Get back here and let me confiscate yo film!</line>
    <line start="1564" end="1578" speaker="coachz">Chorce, forsh!</line>
    <line start="1579" end="1640" speaker="strongbad">It's a great day at Bubs' Concession Stand! Sign up now for giving us money!</line>
    <line start="1641" end="1691" speaker="bubs">Now isn't this better than sitting at your desk answerin' emails?</line>
    <line start="1692" end="1733" speaker="strongbad">Actually, I was sitting under a kitchen table this week and... uh oh!</line>
    <line start="1734" end="1779" speaker="strongbad">The Lappy's probably almost out of juice! I gotta get back and end this email!</line>
    <line start="1780" end="1835" speaker="strongbad">Uhh.. say Bubs, I'm gonna need now off. Is that cool?</line>
    <line start="1836" end="1858" speaker="bubs" voiceover="voiceover">Is Strong Sad cool?</line>
    <line start="1859" end="1873" speaker="strongbad">Oh, come on!</line>
    <line start="1874" end="1927" speaker="bubs">You know all my policies! I'm not running a country club, you know.</line>
    <line start="1928" end="1940" speaker="strongbad">Okay, then, I quit.</line>
    <line start="1941" end="1985" speaker="bubs">Fine! But don't even think about swiping that costume!</line>
    <line start="1986" end="2014" speaker="strongbad">You made me buy this costume, remember?</line>
    <line start="2015" end="2056" speaker="bubs">Oh. Right. Well then pleasure doing business wit' ya.</line>
    <line start="2076" end="2096" speaker="thecheat">humming</line>
    <line start="2097" end="2145"><thecheat>humming</thecheat><homestar>This is the most amazing undersea epic ever filmed.</homestar></line>
    <line start="2146" end="2176" speaker="thecheat">humming</line>
    <line start="2177" end="2216" speaker="strongbad">See Hunter? I got all types of stuff going on.</line>
    <line start="2217" end="2259" speaker="strongbad">I've got so many facets, you don't even know what facets are.</line>
    <line start="2260" end="2281" speaker="strongbad">I'm like a hundredaire socialite out on the scene, and—</line>
    <line start="2282" end="2302">
       <strongbad>I'm like a hundredaire socialite out on the scene, and—</strongbad>
       <sfx>powering down</sfx></line>
    <line start="2303" end="2361" speaker="strongbad">Oh great. The battery ran out. I gotta figure out a way to end this email.</line>
    <line start="2362" end="2373" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">Yeah, you do.</line>
    <line start="2396" end="2408" speaker="sfx">Preeeeeow!</line>
    <line start="2431" end="2482" speaker="bubs">Well, look who decided to show up. Fifth time this week, Johnny.</line>
    <line start="2483" end="2519" speaker="strongbad">Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Legarm. Honest I am! I just—</line>
    <line start="2520" end="2551" speaker="bubs">You just what? Lost track of time?</line>
    <line start="2552" end="2614" speaker="strongbad">Yes sir. Only I wouldn't have to worry about that if I could just get the Johnny-Tron working.</line>
    <line start="2615" end="2660" speaker="bubs">You still wastin' time workin' on that time machine, Johnny?</line>
    <line start="2661" end="2707" speaker="bubs">That's a pipe dream, son! Your future's here at the shop.</line>
    <line start="2708" end="2752" speaker="bubs">Now sweep up! I got customers to tend to.</line>
    <line start="2753" end="2804" speaker="strongbad">You'll see. Someday... someday... </line>
    <line start="2805" end="2854">
       <strongbad>When all my dreams come...</strongbad>
       <sfx>piano notes</sfx></line>
    <line start="2858" end="2909">
       <sfx>falsetto crescendo</sfx></line>
    <line start="2910" end="2970" speaker="sfx">audience applauds</line>
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