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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for Bug In Mouth Disease. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="buginmouth.swf" width="550" height="400">
  <line start="138" end="173" speaker="announcer" voiceover="voiceover">And that's why come Shakespeare was so awesome.</line>
  <line start="177" end="191" speaker="strongsad">Oh! I see now.</line>
  <line start="199" end="209" speaker="strongbad">Hey, Dairy Queen.</line>
  <line start="212" end="241" speaker="strongsad">I already told you, I don't want to be called that any more!</line>
  <line start="244" end="258" speaker="strongsad">I made a mistake!</line>
  <line start="262" end="274" speaker="strongbad">Oh, sorry, Dairy Queen.</line>
  <line start="277" end="313" speaker="strongbad">Anyways, look. I just thought you should know that all your underwears...</line>
  <line start="317" end="360" speaker="strongbad">...somehow ended up individually priced and labelled in an online auction.</line>
  <line start="364" end="399" speaker="strongsad">Nobody buy the blue ones!</line>
  <line start="406" end="478" speaker="strongbad">That was too easy. Now to settle down for the 24-hour Caleb Rentpayer marathon!</line>
  <line start="487" end="490" speaker="sfx">Static</line>
  <line start="492" end="538">
      <tucksworth voiceover="voiceover">Caleb, are you making a little tent out of my jacket?</tucksworth>
      <sfx sfx="sfx">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="548" end="563">
    <caleb voiceover="voiceover">I am now.</caleb>
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="570" end="614" speaker="strongbad">Yeah, you make that little tent, Caleb! He's not the boss of you!</line>
  <line start="617" end="657">
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Homestar Runner Theme Music</sfx>
  <line start="658" end="690">
    <homestar>Hoooome... staaaar...</homestar>
    <sfx speaker="sfx">Homestar Runner Theme Music</sfx>
  <line start="691" end="692">
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Homestar Runner Theme Music</sfx>
  <line start="693" end="721">
    <homestar> running. Along.</homestar>
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Homestar Runner Theme Music</sfx>
  <line start="722" end="734">
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Homestar Runner Theme Music</sfx>
  <line start="735" end="763">
    <homestar>Hoooome... Staaar...</homestar>
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Homestar Runner Theme Music</sfx>
  <line start="764" end="770">
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Record Scratch</sfx>
  <line start="770" end="789" speaker="homestar"><em>(Gags)</em></line>
  <line start="791" end="846" speaker="homestar">Aah! I swallowed a bug! Bug swallow! <em>Bug swallow!</em> What do I do? What do I do?</line>
  <line start="851" end="911" speaker="homestar">Okay, okay, calm down. Calm down. Remember health class. A-hem.</line>
  <line start="919" end="920"> 
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Foot thump</sfx>
  <line start="921" end="949">
    <homestar>Sir or madam, are you all right?</homestar>
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Foot thump</sfx>
  <line start="956" end="988" speaker="homestar">Do you need medical resistance?</line>
  <line start="994" end="1036" speaker="homestar">Oh, it's not working! The good times are over!</line>
  <line start="1050" end="1120" speaker="kingoftown">I keep telling him the sun don't rise and set on that pile of whatsit, but he don't want to listen!</line>
  <line start="1121" end="1131" speaker="pompom">Bubbles</line>
  <line start="1132" end="1204" speaker="homestar">Pom Pom! Santa! I think I swallowed a bug! The good times are over! You gotta help me out, I could die!</line>
  <line start="1207" end="1236" speaker="kingoftown">Well, what do you want <em>we</em> should do?</line>
  <line start="1241" end="1276" speaker="homestar">Give me them dang ice creams! We'll freeze 'im out!</line>
  <line start="1277" end="1283" speaker="pompom">Bubbles</line>
  <line start="1284" end="1297">
    <homestar><em>(Comp, Comp, Comp, Comp, Comp, Comp)</em></homestar>
  <line start="1298" end="1318">
    <homestar volume="0.6"><em>(Comp, Comp, Comp, Comp, Comp, Comp)</em></homestar>
    <kingoftown>Doo! That stuff's prescription!</kingoftown>
  <line start="1323" end="1367">
    <homestar>Awwhahahw... It deliciously didn't work!</homestar>
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Sad odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1373" end="1375" speaker="homestar">Aaaaaah!</line>
  <line start="1376" end="1378" speaker="homestar" volume="0.9">Aaaaaah!</line>
  <line start="1379" end="1381" speaker="homestar" volume="0.7">Aaaaaah!</line>
  <line start="1382" end="1383" speaker="homestar" volume="0.5">Aaaaaah!</line>
  <line start="1384" end="1385" speaker="homestar" volume="0.4">Aaaaaah!</line>
  <line start="1386" end="1387" speaker="homestar" volume="0.3">Aaaaaah!</line>
  <line start="1388" end="1420">
    <caleb voiceover="voiceover">You throw like a girl, Tucksworth.</caleb>
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1421" end="1423">
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1424" end="1452">
    <tucksworth voiceover="voiceover">Caleb, that suitcase was heavy!</tucksworth>
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1452" end="1455">
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
 <line start="1456" end="1496">
    <strongsad>What online auction? I can't find anything.</strongsad>
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1497" end="1499">
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1500" end="1542">
    <strongsad>I even did an image search for the blue ones and got nothing.</strongsad>
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1543" end="1547">
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1548" end="1578">
    <strongsad>Or... nothing pleasant, anyway.</strongsad>
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1579" end="1582">
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1583" end="1626">
    <strongbad>Well, keep searching. Try putting stuff in quotes or something.</strongbad>
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1627" end="1631">
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1632" end="1676">
    <strongbad>Or use "and" and "or". Oh yeah, <em>and</em> go away.</strongbad>
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1677" end="1679">
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1680" end="1721">
    <strongsad>Ooh, Boolean operators! "Blue <em>and</em> ones"! Good idea!</strongsad>
    <sfx sfx="sfx" volume="0.7">Odd musical score</sfx>
  <line start="1722" end="1742">
    <strongsad>Ooh, Boolean operators! "Blue <em>and</em> ones"! Good idea!</strongsad>
  <line start="1757" end="1772" speaker="sfx">Varied odd musical score</line>
  <line start="1773" end="1795">
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Varied odd musical score</sfx>
    <bubs>This is just fine!</bubs>
  <line start="1796" end="1799" speaker="sfx">Varied odd musical score</line>
  <line start="1800" end="1818">
    <sfx sfx="sfx">Varied odd musical score</sfx>
    <homestar>Bubs! You're a doctor, right?</homestar>

  <line start="1821" end="1845" speaker="homestar">I think a bug flew into the side of my mouth.</line>
  <line start="1850" end="1876" speaker="homestar"><em>(sobbing)</em> I'm afraid the good times are over!</line>
  <line start="1879" end="1932" speaker="bubs">A doctor, eh? I think I might be one of those. Let me take a look.</line>

  <line start="1936" end="1948" speaker="bubs">Whadda we got here?</line>
  <line start="1949" end="1964" speaker="bubs">Bail bondsman...</line>
  <line start="1965" end="1992" speaker="bubs">Paranormal investigator...</line>
  <line start="1993" end="2014" speaker="bubs">Normal investigator...</line>
  <line start="2015" end="2049" speaker="bubs">Ooh, here we go! "Dr." Bubs!</line>

  <line start="2052" end="2065" speaker="bubs">Let's take a look at ya.</line>
  <line start="2071" end="2078" speaker="homestar">Aaaaaahhh...</line>
  <line start="2079" end="2103" speaker="bubs">Hmmm... OK...</line>
  <line start="2106" end="2111" speaker="homestar"><i>(Gurgles)</i> Okay.</line>
  <line start="2112" end="2128" speaker="bubs">Yes, yes...</line>
  <line start="2131" end="2139" speaker="homestar"><i>(Gurgles)</i></line>
  <line start="2142" end="2155" speaker="bubs">Interesting...</line>
  <line start="2158" end="2165" speaker="homestar"><i>(Gurgled)</i></line>
  <line start="2170" end="2206" speaker="bubs">I've got terrible, terrible news, Homestar.</line>
  <line start="2210" end="2236" speaker="homestar">Oh no! Is it about the good times?</line>
  <line start="2239" end="2314" speaker="bubs">I'm afraid you've got no pancreas. But I do happen to have a fresh one for sale right here!</line>
  <line start="2321" end="2349" speaker="homestar">Bubs, are you an unethical quack?</line>
  <line start="2354" end="2376" speaker="bubs">The most quackinest!</line>

  <line start="2384" end="2449" speaker="strongbad">Strong Caleb, did you make the best omelette ever during the commercial break?</line>
  <line start="2460" end="2475" speaker="strongbad">I sure did.</line>
  <line start="2480" end="2489" speaker="homestar">Strong Bad! I think I-</line>
  <line start="2490" end="2514" speaker="strongbad">Ah-ah-ah-ah! Not today, McDorkell.</line>
  <line start="2537" end="2551" speaker="homestar">Strong Bad! I think a bug might have-</line>
  <line start="2552" end="2585" speaker="strongbad">Can't you see Grandma's watching her stories?</line>
  <line start="2588" end="2615" speaker="tucksworth" voiceover="voiceover">Why aren't you breathing, Caleb?</line>
  <line start="2618" end="2623" speaker="homestar">Strong Bad-</line>
  <line start="2634" end="2689" speaker="announcer" voiceover="voiceover">And coming up next on Caleb Rentpayer, find out who shot Caleb.</line>
  <line start="2693" end="2760" speaker="strongbad">"Who shot Caleb?" Oh, there's no way I'm missing that one. No way.</line>

  <line start="2817" end="2845" speaker="homestar">That was a great skillet nap! Thanks, Strong Bad!</line>
  <line start="2853" end="2863" speaker="homestar">Strong Bad?</line>
  <line start="2869" end="2904" speaker="strongbad">Can't miss any of the action...</line>
  <line start="2911" end="2940" speaker="homestar">Strong Bad, the good times are over!</line>
  <line start="2946" end="2968" speaker="homestar">I swallowed your computer!</line>
  <line start="2973" end="2983" speaker="strongbad">You <em>what?!</em></line>
  <line start="2987" end="3020" speaker="homestar">Oh, I mean a small bug. I swallowed a small bug.</line>
  <line start="3027" end="3075" speaker="strongbad">Aw, Now my head's not taped to the TV.</line>
  <line start="3082" end="3103" speaker="homestar">Strong Bad, I really need your help.</line>
  <line start="3107" end="3146" speaker="strongbad">And I really need to find out who shot Caleb Rentpayer!</line>
  <line start="3153" end="3172" speaker="homestar">Oh, that's easy. I did.</line>
  <line start="3176" end="3189" speaker="strongbad">You... Wha-?</line>
  <line start="3196" end="3239" speaker="tucksworth" voiceover="voiceover">Homestar Runner, did you shoot Caleb?</line>
  <line start="3243" end="3273" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">I sure did.</line>
  <line start="3274" end="3312" speaker="strongbad">You traitor! You shot my favorite TV show!</line>
  <line start="3330" end="3337" speaker="homestar">Hiccup.</line>
  <line start="3346" end="3392" speaker="homestar">Hey, look at that! A little guy! A bug <em>did</em> fly in my mouth.</line>
  <line start="3402" end="3442" speaker="strongbad">Ugh... the good times are <em>definitely</em> over.</line>
  <line start="3466" end="3531" speaker="strongsad">The world is saved! I found the blue ones!</line>
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