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"Did you take some of my pills again?"

While Strong Sad is depressed by nature as part of his character, he may in fact be clinically depressed, as it has been mentioned several times that he takes pills.

Occasionally, another character will accidentally take (or is accused of taking) his pills, leading to spontaneous (yet hilarious) results.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email funny — Strong Sad accuses Strong Bad of taking "some of [his] pills again" in response to Strong Bad's freakout.
  • No Hands On Deck! — Strong Sad says, "I have got to get my prescription changed!" after Homestar Runner appears in his bed.
  • Homestar Ruiner — When trying to explain why he has Marzipan's shears, Strong Bad claims that they're actually Strong Sad's shears, and he has them because Strong Sad is "off his meds".
  • Email email thunder — Homestar states that his breakdown in the email long pants was a result of accidentally taking some of Strong Sad's pills.

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