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These are the visuals shown during Rap Song.

Lyrics Visuals
Intro A boombox is playing "Mick's Tape", with a red sky background. The music video credits fade in, then fade back out
Coach Z, R-A-P Coach Z appears from behind the boombox.
Accidentally featuring Peacey P 6 Coach Zs appear stacked up on each other. They all move from side to side on a White/Red flashing background
You biscuithead, you ain't featuring me! Peacey P appears moving back and forth from the camera, while he holds a microphone in one hand, and moves both his arms around. A lined, multicolor background flashes behind him.
I said accidentally featuring Peacey P! Coach Z slides into the frame, while he does a dance along with Peacey P.
I'm the lyricbolical Coach Z, Coach Z's head comes out from under the pool, and his head skews and moves around.
I like my ointments topical mostly, Coach Z is lying down on a pool float, while it moves slowly toward the edge.
And if you got the itchy toes A foot appears on a patterned background. Flames appear on the foot, and the words "Itchy Tōz" appear.
than come see me, The words "NEW PRODUCT" appear in the top-left corner.
I got a rap song featuring Peacey P! Coach Z appears, doing a dance. The words "NEW PRODUCT" switch to "NEW RAP SONG". A bulge effect passes throughout Coach Z while he's dancing.
My name is P, comma, Peacey Peacey P does different dance poses for each lyric, as he moves toward the camera. A red, spiraled background is behind him.
I like to eat my bacon all greasy Cut to a piece of bacon appears, with two silhouetted green dancers behind it. A lined background flashes outward.
I'm the best guest rapper in the music biz, Cut to a shiny award on a wall. Peacey P can be seen through the reflection, though his afro seems to be absent therein.
I ain't even know whose song this is! Peacey P stands on a cassette tape, labeled "????????". The tape slowly moves off into the background, which is outer space.
It's mine! I thought I made that abundantly clear! Cut back to Coach Z behind the boombox with the boombox playing "Larry's Tape".
Here comes the hook! Coach Z's hands move up from behind, and curve around.
R-A-P-S-O-N-G Coach Z and Peacey P are shadowed on a black background. The letters of "RAP SONG" appear when each letter is said
Yes, The word "YES" appears.
yes, y'all, and we don't Cut to Coach Z and Peacey P both dancing with the bulge effect, while a yellow and white background rotates.
stap A stop sign reading "STAP" appears.
Coach Z and Peacey P cold rappity-rap! Sign disappears, and dancing continues.
Much money, mo' money, cash money, drop! Peacey P's head bulges up close to the camera.
I'm the rhyme janitor wringing out my mop! Cut to a mop sliding along a floor. The words "RAP" appear among the water left by the mop. A white silhouette Coach Z is dancing against a light blue background.
Stop, fool, you're cramping my style! Peacey P and Coach Z are both dancing, while a white dotted background moves from the floor up to the top.
I'll sprinkle wack MCs with my sawdust pile! A janitor's cart rolls in front of a sprial red background. A sawdust pile appears from behind the cart.
Listen up straight, y'all biscuitheads, A grayscale Peacey P appears sitting at a table, with a plate and a cup in front of him.
I'd like a piece of dry toast Peacey P curves his hands downwards.
with two scrambled eggs! Peacey P makes a two with his fingers. A face appears in the overhead light.
Order o' hash browns, Cut to a guest check for a restaraunt, with spinning eggs in the background. It already reads "1 dry tōs" and "2 scram". As Peacey P says this, a pen writes down "HASHBR".
make 'em extra crisp, The pen writes down "xcrips" underneath.
A glass of orange juice Cut to the back of a limo, which seems to be an attached restaurant. A silhouetted Peacey P in the back.
and a bowl of cheese grits! Move out to a full view of the limo. The attached restaraunt reads "Waffle-o-Stow". A scrolling city background is seen, while the limo drives off to the right.
Oh, dag, that man has just ordered Coach Z comes out from one of the windows on the buildings and moves close to the camera.
breakfast in the middle of my rap song! Two pieces of bacon come spinning from the left, followed by a running egg chasing it with a gun.
R-A-P-S-O Coach Z and Peacey P are both dancing. Coach Z moves toward the camera, and Peacey P moves away. This repeats for a while. Four pink silhouetted dancers move in the background.
N-G, yes! Cut to a person getting the letters "R-A-P-S-O-N-G" tatooed on their chest. When the word "yes" is said, the word appears underneath the letters.
Yes, y'all, and we don't flake, Cut to the floor, where Peacey P and Coach Z are both tapping their feet to the beat.
Here comes Tenerence Love Coach Z's head moves down from the top-left corner.
with an R&B break! Cut to a stage, where a bed is seen in the foreground. The words "and now..." are in the top-left corner, while "an R&B break" are in the center. "Featuring Tenerence Love" is in the bottom-right corner.
My name is Tenerence Love, Tenerence Love fades in from the bottom-right, and fades out to the top-left.
Plus my name is Tenerence Love, He fades in with a different pose from the bottom-left, and fades out to the top-left.
Divided by my name is Tenerence Love, With another pose, he fades in from the bottom-left, and fades out to the top-right.
Equals my name is Tenaaay-erence Love! Three copies Tenerence Love appear in a mathmatical equation. All three of them have donuts around their waists.
Remainder three! Tenerence Love fade in front holding up three fingers. Throughout the R&B break, the microphone disappears behind Tenerence Love's facial hair.
R-A-P-S-O-N-G, yes, Coach Z and Peacey P are dancing to a rotating yellow and white background. Two eggs slide across at the bottom and the top of the frame.
Yes, y'all, and we don't stap, Cut to Peacey P moving from the left to the right. There is a dotted white and purple backdrop with a silhouette dancer moving opposite to Peacey P.
Coach Z and Peacey P cold rappity-rap! A sign reading "Todays Spesh: 12 inch Cold Rappity Rap" appears. Coach Z and Peacey P's heads are both in the center of the sign. Both their tongues move when the words "Rappity Rap" are said.
R-A-P-S Coach Z is dancing with the bulge effect close to the camera. Peacey P is seen in the background, which is a hallway.
O-N-G, yes, yes Coach Z moves into the background, and Peacey P moves closer to the camera.
y'all, and we don't stap, Cut to the theatre stage with the bed, Two silhouetted figures are in the frame. One is a dancer, while the other is an egg. Tenerence Love comes from the bottom-right, sitting on a flying donut.
Coach Z, Peacey P Cut back to hallway. Coach Z is in front of the camera with the bulging effect. Music stops, and the background turns white.
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