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"Okay, kids, we're gonna play Where's The Cheat?"

Occasionally, in the Homestar Runner universe, the characters will find themselves in front of a paper background, typically accompanied by an assortment of crude drawings.

[edit] Appearances

  • Every Teen Girl Squad issue appears on notebook paper. Starting with Issue 11, the background changes from a computer-created facsimile to an actual photo-image of notebook paper.
    • Most of Issue 7 appears on skip-rule paper instead.
  • Main Page 9Homestar Runner appears as a doodle on a piece of notebook paper. The style of paper changes when rolling over "Toons".
  • Email for kidsStrong Bad's potential kids' show takes place in front of yellow lined paper.
  • Email virusThe King of Town appears in a Teen Girl Squad-style paper as an effect of the virus.
  • Email death metal — The scenes with Brainkrieg appear on Teen Girl Squad-style notebook paper.
  • Trogday '08 — Most of Strong Bad's tribute to The S is for Sucks Dragon takes place in front of notebook paper.
  • Email fan club — Strong Bad's fan fiction is on lined notebook paper.
  • Hooked on Decemberween — The Brainkrieg song appears on a paper background, like any other Teen Girl Squad appearance.
  • 4 Gregs — Unlike Teen Girl Squad's style of college-ruled notebook paper, this toon takes place in front of hexagonal paper.
  • Decomposing Pumpkins — This music video takes place in front of lined paper.
  • Skills of an Artist — Originally, the videos were done on a white board modified to look like notebook paper. Starting with Skills of an Artist LIVE!!, they are drawn on actual paper.
  • Trogdor Was A Man — Trogdor the Man plays his axe with an amp on a notebook page.
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