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The Show is brought to you by the Council Against Paint Daubs.

Citizens of Free Country, USA have strong opinions about painted (as opposed to carved) pumpkins. When calling them out, they have a tendency to specifically use the phrase "paint daubs" (which means haphazard strokes or smears of paint).

[edit] Appearances

  • Punkin ShowHomestar Runner explicitly forbids "paint daubs", as he says twice. He later says that The Show is sponsored by the Council Against Paint Daubs.
  • Fish Eye Lens — "PAINT DAUBZ" is listed as a filter in a Powered by The Cheat depiction of what appears to be Photoshop.
  • @StrongBadActual
    • 4 Oct 2017Strong Bad responds to carved pumpkins with the hashtag #nodaubs4lyfe.
    • 4 Oct 2017 — Strong Bad replies to a photo of a pumpkin with Bubs's face drawn on it, saying that it's "getting dangerously close to paint daubs territory", as "Sharpie daubs count too".
    • 1 Oct 2019 — Strong Bad quotes "NO PAINT DAUBS!" to a fan who won the Punkin Show.
    • 7 Oct 2019 — Strong Bad responds to a pumpkin with his own face painted on it with "nothing heralds the coming of autumn like the smell of NO PAINT DAUBS!!"
    • 16 Oct 2019 — In response to a photo of a children's book depicting painted pumpkins (captioned "Happy Pumpkin Day"), Strong Bad says that paint daubs are "the scourge of Pumpkin Days everywhere".
    • 30 Oct 2022 — Impressed with a photo of a pumpkin depicting The Cheat in Strong Badia, Strong Bad remarks that it could almost get him to reverse his stance on paint daubs.
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