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The Homestar Runner Wiki is neither owned by nor affiliated with <a href="" class="external" title=""></a> ( Much of the material presented here is copyrighted by <a href="/index.php/The_Brothers_Chaps" title="The Brothers Chaps">The Brothers Chaps</a> and/or <a href="/index.php/Harmless_Junk%2C_Inc." title="Harmless Junk, Inc.">Harmless Junk, Inc.</a> For more information, see the <a href="" class="external" title="">legal stuff</a> ( page on the official Homestar Runner website. The <a href="/index.php/Special:Listusers/proprietor" title="Special:Listusers/proprietor">proprietor</a> of this site asserts that publication of such material on the Wiki qualifies as <a href="" class="extiw" title="Wikipedia:fair use">fair use</a> under United States copyright law.

Material on this site that is not copyrighted by The Brothers Chaps (e.g. opinions and mindless chatter) is licensed to the various authors, where indicated, and is released under a <a href="" class="external" title="">Creative Commons Deed</a> (, which simply ensures that none of this information may legally be used for commercial purposes.

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