Marshmallow's Last Stand (place)

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This article is about the place. For the toon, see Marshmallow's Last Stand.
Homestar and Cardboard Marzipan level-it-out.

Marshmallow's Last Stand is a place where Homestar Runner loves to hang out with his friends. It is a little coffee shop which seems to serve marshmallows, coffee, hot dogs, and french fries with ketchup. This is apparently one of the places where Homestar and Marzipan date. Homestar also apparently enjoys gourmet coffee here, although he spat it in Marzipan's face when Strong Bad replaced it with Super Mud. Strong Sad once played violin at the Stand when Marzipan and Cardboard Homestar were on a date.

The marshmallow stand has also alternately been named Marshmallow's L'est Stand, when it served as the French restaurant for several dates.

[edit] Evolution

The restaurant has occasionally had several cosmetic changes from appearance to appearance.

[edit] Appearances

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