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In Homestar Runner cartoons, the characters enjoy eating and discussing Macaroni. It is used for arts and crafts and eating, mostly.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email old comics — It is used as an ingredient for Pasta Salad that Strong Bad put in Strong Mad's underwear drawer.
  • Email record bookStrong Mad holds the record for "Most Macaronis Nailed To A Paper Towel Tube...By Strong Mad."
  • Email geddup noise — Strong Bad reads "marc baroni AZ" as "macaroni from A to Z" in the email (or, as he puts it, "alphabet macaroni").
  • Email portrait — Strong Mad is sprinkling glitter over a macaroni picture.
  • Sketchbook (video) — One of the postcards reads "Cruckscrew Bend's Fairly Oversized Elbow Macaroni".
  • Strong Badia the Free — Bubs offers Strong Bad a macaroni sculpture of The Cheat as a souvenir from Strong Mad's Country, but Strong Bad turns it down, having seen Strong Mad's attempts at "art and crap" before.
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