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"It makes me all jangly inside!"

Several occasions show characters using loose coins, often through exchanging it with one another. Sometimes the change is thrown, usually by Homestar Runner. The coins appear to be in United States currency, but with some noticeable differences, such as all the coins showing the same face, similar to George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.

[edit] Appearances

  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats — A handful of change can be given to Homestar.
    • At the end, Bubs claims to have gone to "that house that was giving out change". He says that he changed his costume and went back ten times, eventually making 35 dollars.
  • Email english paper — Spare change and dollar bills are taped to the inside of the paper.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — Bubs gives Homestar Runner 16 cents in spare change.
  • Email do overStrong Mad shakes change out of Strong Bad's head somehow, and Homestar proceeds to eat it. Strong Bad shakes out some more change later on.
  • Email disconnected — Homestar gives Strong Bad some change for the good advice of selling tiny breads.
  • DNA Evidence — Strong Bad says he broke into Marzipan's house and stole spare change underneath the couch cushions.
  • Email hiding — Homestar wants to make 15 cents come true and tosses it on the ground.
  • 8-Bit Is Enough — Homestar has a lucky quarter called "Lucky George" that he swallows.
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