Karate Car

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"Oh, look out, Mr. Slashy-Man!"
"Now THAT was a sports car!"

Karate Car is an ASCII art movie that Strong Bad watched on the Lappy 486 after being kicked out of the Movie Theater in the email the movies. At the beginning of the movie, a stick man walks across the screen and jumps over a car as it drives towards him. He then exclaims, "Now THAT was a sports car!" and proceeds to do some karate moves while saying "Hi-YA!"

A sequel, Karate Car 2, was seen as an Easter egg in strongbad_email.exe Disc 6 DVD. In this sequel, the car runs over the stick man, while he defiantly exclaims that he can still do karate with 86 broken bones.

The name appears to be a pun on Karateka.

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