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Here's how to fix up an incomplete page:

[edit] Stubs

A page with a stub tag is generally considered an incomplete page, in that it does not have all or enough information to be complete. There are two kinds of stubs:

Place {{stub}} at the bottom of a page to indicate that the whole page is a stub. You will see this:

Place {{sectionstub}} inside a specific section to indicate that just that portion of the page needs work. You will see this:

[edit] Pages and Sections in Progress

Sometimes you need to indicate that you are working on a page so that others will not edit it and cause edit conflicts. Don't forget to remove the following templates when you are through working on a page or section.

Place {{pageinprogress}} at the top of a page to indicate that you are working on or creating the whole page. Do not place this template on a page that a lot of people are editing (like a brand-new toon, for example). You will see this:

This page is in progress.
As always, you are welcome to assist by editing this page, but be aware that another user is currently adding and/or changing substantial content. This template should be removed once the page is complete.

Place {{inprogress}} at the top of a specific section to indicate that you are working on it. This is helpful when several people are choosing sections to work on in long lists or when someone is transcribing a brand-new toon. You will see this:

This section is in progress.
As a courtesy, please do not edit this section until this tag is removed. You are still welcome to edit other parts of the page.

[edit] Merging Pages

Sometimes you may need to merge an incomplete page with a larger page, in order for the information to flow better:

First, get a dicussion and/or vote running with {{Merge}}.

It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with article. (Discuss)
  • Copy the information...
  • Blank the page you copied it from...
  • And place the code #REDIRECT [[Larger page]] in its place...
redirect.png Larger page
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