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Here's how to format text:

[edit] Logical and Physical Tags

These HTML tags can be used to format text by typing <tag>Text</tag>. The physical tags are used when you are merely concerned with appearance. When meaning is meant to be conveyed with the text decoration, use the logical tags.

Physical Tag Result Logical Tag
<b> bold <strong>(strongly emphasized)</strong>
<i> italic <em>(normally emphasized)</em>
<u> underline <ins>(if inserted text is intended)</ins>
<s> strike <del>(if deleted text is intended)</del>


<small> small




<blockquote>(quoting a section of text)</blockquote>

[edit] Colors

These color codes can be used to format text by typing <span style="color:(color)">Text</span>. Either the hex code or the color name given can be used. Colors which are not listed should be specified with a hex code.

Hexadecimal Value Result Name
#FF0000   red
#FF3300   orange
#FFFF00   yellow
#00FF00   lime
#00FFFF   cyan
#0000FF   blue
#003333   dark cyan
#FF00FF   fuchsia
#FFFFFF   white
#000000   black

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