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The Brothers Chaps have chosen to keep the content on suitable for audiences of all ages. Similarly, much of the content in this wiki adheres to such standards. However, some articles contain objectionable content which requires special handling.

[edit] Censoring Interviews

Interviews and articles which contain objectionable language must be tagged with the {{uncensored}} template. Swear words must be wrapped with the swear template parameter tag. For example:

  This sentence talks about {{{swear|crap}}}.
Note that three curly braces are used instead of two.

In order to create their censored versions simply add the {{censored}} template to the target page (usually add "(censored)" to the original page name). Then transclude the original page and set the swear parameter to "***". For example:

  {{:Inkhole Interview|swear=***}}

See Inkhole Interview and Inkhole Interview (censored) for an example.

[edit] Censoring within Articles

  • Use the {{inlinecontentwarning}} template for objectionable links or text embedded within articles or talk pages. Optionally, external links may also be marked with the {{sitelanguagenotice}} template.
  • Use the {{sightingslanguagewarning}} template to indicate links to external sightings that may contain objectionable language.

[edit] See Also

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