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[edit] Near-replica

The version you see when you click this link on the project page (or choose the TaviStyle skin in your preferences) is close to but not quite what we saw on April 1 of this year. For some inexplicable reason there was a demand to make this into a usable skin after April Fool's was over, so I made it available here. Not long after that, they requested that it be made available at the fanstuff, and so with the upgrade to 1.6, it is now included there. I had to make some tweaks, however, for it to fit the other wiki. I ended making most of the links (and the logo) in the header fully customizable, and to make it more functional it made sense to include these two additions, which were originally omitted for the sake of better authenticity: (1) a link to and from the fanstuff, and (2) a link to each wiki's respective community portal. Just so you know. — It's dot com 03:31, 24 June 2006 (UTC)

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