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How to propose a revision to an existing item:

STUFF help page

Revising an item
  • First of all, make sure that you're logged in to a user name. Users who have not logged in may not add items to the STUFF process.
  • Click "edit" next to the specific item you want to revise.
  • Type the following code between {{stuffendvotes}} and {{stuffend}} at the bottom of the item.

    {{stuffrevisecode|The revised fact.}}
    {{stuffrevisecode|<nowiki>The revised fact with [[links]] or ''wiki markup''.</nowiki>}}

  • Preview the page, and it will automatically generate the following code:

{{stuffrevise|The revised fact.}}

<!--# list-->

<!--# list-->

<!--* list-->

<!--# list-->
<!--# list-->

  • Copy all the text from the resulting box.
  • Remove {{stuffrevisecode}} and paste the copied text in its place.
  • Make an argument for the revision. Start a bulleted list (*) in the appropriate place.
  • Vote to decline the original fact and vote to accept the revision. Sign each vote with a number sign and three tildes (#~~~).
  • Preview and save the page.
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