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How to set up an item for a page that already has active STUFF items:

STUFF help page

1. In the article

Edit the article that pertains to the fact you want to STUFF.

  • First of all, make sure that you're logged in to a user name. Users who have not logged in may not add items to the STUFF process.
  • If you are removing an item, cut the item in question to the clipboard.
  • Save the page. Describe your edit in the edit summary; do not mark it as minor.

2. The STUFF subpage

To add another item:

  • You should see a prominent link to "this article's entry" in the STUFF notice. Follow that link (to "STUFF:pagename").

    New items go at the top of the page, right below {{stuffpagehead}}.

    Enter the following text, including the vertical line: {{stuffmore|
    Paste the fact from the clipboard (remove the asterisk, if necessary).
    If using links or other wiki markup, wrap <nowiki> tags around the fact.
    Type another vertical line, and then type a title for the item. Something brief, yet catchy.
    Finish with two closing braces: }}

    {{stuffmore|This is another questionable fact.|Another Catchy Title}}
    {{stuffnew|<nowiki>This is another questionable fact with [[links]] or ''wiki markup''.</nowiki>|Another Catchy Title}}

  • Preview the page, and follow the resulting additional instructions that are displayed when you preview the page.
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