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Eh! Steve's mouth explodes the universe

In the Short Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, released Monday, July 12, 2004, the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes gang do their usual crazy things on Decemberween. As per usual for the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes crew, random things happen throughout this cartoon. Nothing makes sense within it except to the people existing within this world. In the midst of all this, The Worm practices moving up and down while Sherlock witnesses this exciting event. The Wheelchair then has an argument with Eh! Steve! who is tampering with his holiday cabbage. Eh! Steve! then proceeds to arbitrarily lose his mouth to become a brightly shining star of Decemberween. The Worm ganders at this historic event with awe. Shortly after, Keyboard Strong Bad plays a Decemberween jam for the crew, ending the cartoon on a merry note as Ready For Primetime dances to the glorious tune. (more...) watch

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