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"Making out with Marzipan is totally awesome!"

The Virus is the collective name of over 400,000 computer viruses that infected the Compy 386 in the Strong Bad email virus. Strong Bad received the virus in the form of a garbled email which he originally assumed had just been eaten by some Linux or something. After realizing it was a "virus email" and futilely trying to delete it, he attempted to remove the 423,827 viruses detected using his Edgarware anti-virus software. The software was unable to keep up, and the Compy's screen turned to liquid and poured onto the floor. At this point, somehow, the viruses infected the real world as well, resulting in all kinds of physical abnormalities of the environment, and deformations of the characters. The chaos was finally ended when Bubs used his shotgun, transfigured into Homestar's leg by the virus, to destroy the Compy and the viruses along with it. Despite this, the virus did make a reappearance in Main Page 22. (more...)

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