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"It's the bottom of the second, your team's down by 94 points, and you just illegally ran onto the field!"

The Umpire is the official for Homestar's baseball team. His first appearance was in Where My Hat Is At?, where he tells "the" Homestar Runner that, without his hat, he is not allowed to play in the Big Game. After Homestar finds his hat, the Umpire yells, "SAFE!" as Homestar runs across home plate. This was his only appearance for many years, until the release of Kick-A-Ball. In this cartoon, he is animated and given a voice for the first time, sounding like Dick Vitale. He acts as the umpire for the kickball game, yelling "Yer ooooout!" to everyone who is out. However, in the DVD version of Where My Hat Is At?, he sounds more like a deep-voiced Strong Bad. The Umpire appeared again in the toon remake of Where My Hat Is At?. (more...)

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