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"Come on in heeeeere."

Jibblies 2 is 2007's Halloween toon and is the second longest toon on the site. The Rocoulm of Strong Mad's Horrible Painting wreaks havoc on the citizens of Free Country, USA by causing a mass outbreak of jibblies. He strikes not only by making direct contact with characters, but also by calling them on the phone and appearing on tarot cards. Six "good characters" succumb first, followed by three "lame characters", and then Strong Bad. As the only character yet to face the Rocoulm, Homestar "come[s] on in" the Horrible Painting, and learns the Rocoulm just wanted company as he loved to entertain. Homestar offers to stay in the painting with the Rocoulm if he would un-jibblify Homestar's friends. The Rocoulm informs him he would agree to the deal, but only if Homestar volunteers to stay for all eternity. (More...) watch

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