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"All right, deleteheads. It's been a big week for the fan club."

The email fan club, released on January 28, 2008, is the 188th Strong Bad Email, wherein Strong Bad pokes fun at the more rabid fans of the Homestar Runner body of work (such as yourself). In the email, David asks Strong Bad if his "show" has its own fan club. Strong Bad replies that there is such a club—the Deleteheads—and, in a "chocolate-covered bit of Stockholm syndrome-esque irony", their president is none other than Strong Sad! Strong Sad reviews methods to get your email answered and narrates some fan fiction (in which Strong Bad has zero emails—"definitely fiction"). Later Strong Bad makes his own fan comic about the Deleteheads and decides that maybe fan clubs and fan fiction aren't so bad after all. (more...) watch

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