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"Prepare to feel the fluoride sting of the Homestarmy!"

The Battle of Strong Badia was a minor conflict between the Homestarmy and Strong Badia, depicted in the Strong Bad Email "army". Colonel Homestar Runner embarked upon a campaign to invade and capture Strong Badia because he was tired of Strong Bad stealing the show, with recruits Homsar, Strong Sad, the Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife and Third-Style Private Frank Bennedetto, and proceeded to march upon the encampment of the Brothers Strong. Homestar even tried to recruit Strong Bad himself, warning him about the invasion. Strong Bad sends "Firebert" to spy on the meeting, thus enabling him and Strong Mad to prepare for the invasion by wondering how to play badminton, which they said they would rather do than engage in battle against the Homestarmy. The Brothers Strong won the battle, which only lasted a few seconds, before the Homestarmy realized they were "in over [their] heads" and were forced to retreat. (more...)

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