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StrongBadZone is a video game by Videlectrix that Strong Bad dreamed up in the email video games, released on Monday, January 12, 2004. It is a vector graphics game that plays similarly to the Diamonds 3D computer game. You play the role of a spiky-headed cyber-shield guy (with a cyber-shield) trying to block "perplexing 3D geometric attacks" that come flipping toward you. If you hit them, they bounce back. The game's objective is to try to hit Vector Strong Bad's head until it disappears. The game's graphical style refers to Nintendo's 3D system, the Virtual Boy. The graphics of the console were known for solely consisting of the colors red and black, like those in StrongBadZone. The game stylistically resembles the Virtual Boy vector game Red Alarm, which at one point also features a large face that must be beaten. StrongBadZone is also the source of the quote, "Your head a splode!" (and some variations thereof). (more...) play

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