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"Oh crap! I forgot to buy everyone Decemberween presents!"

When Homestar Runner sleeps or is just waking up, he can be seen wearing his pajama outfit. That includes a white robe with two pockets, a cloth belt, pink bunny shaped slippers, a hat, a different T-shirt every time, and "stubble." The first time Homestar's pajamas were seen was when Strong Bad and The Cheat tried to pull off their Jumble caper. Homestar later walked in dressed in the same attire and drinking coffee, at which time Strong Bad questioned him about his five o'clock shadow. Homestar revealed that it is actually cinnamon, not a beard. In Homestar Presents: Presents, we actually got to see Homestar sleeping in his pajamas and waking up to the noise of his alarm clock. This scene revealed that he doesn't actually sleep with his robe, but that he does with his slippers. (more...)

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