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The band Cool Tapes, from the toon Cool Things.

Cool Things is a full-length toon that was released on Monday, August 15, 2005. Coming one week after, it was the first toon in a nearly month-and-a-half stretch with no Strong Bad Email. In the toon, Marzipan sends Homestar Runner out to buy some paint in order to cover up the writing Homestar did on Marzipan's wall. Homestar buys three cans of Yella Paint and a pair of cool shades from Bubs' Concession Stand. Along the way, Homestar encounters Strong Sad, and passes off the paint to him. Homestar then goes back to the concession stand to trade in the cool shades for a bag of four grapes, then returns to Marzipan's house, only to find that she started a band with Strong Mad and The Cheat called Cool Tapes.  (More...)  watch

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