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During the 2006 Logo redesign discussion, some users brought up the possibility of changing the favicon (the image in the address bar of web browsers). The main reason for this was that objections were brought up against using the Homestar Runner official logo in our logo, which our current favicon employs.

While this decision need not be as big a project as the logo redesign, it would be good to propose a few options, discuss them, and choose a replacement for our current favicon unless we deem it acceptable.

NOTE: For anyone submitting an idea: The favicon is used on not only the knowledge base but also the forum and the fanstuff. If we change the favicon, whatever we choose must be appropriate for those sites as well. Ideally, an idea would be able to be subtlely tweaked to fit the three sites while still looking similar between the three. (For example, if we kept our current favicon, one idea is to change the W to FM and FS on the forum and fanstuff, respectively.) That way, when lots of tabs are open, it's easy to distinguish between the various sites.

KB FM FS OLD IRC Name Description
Image:Current Favicon.png
Current The current favicon: the letter "W" for "Wiki" in front of the Homestar Runner official logo
Image:Homestar Head Favicon.jpg
Homestar Head Homestar Runner's head
Image:Homestar Head Blue Favicon.jpg
Homestar Head Blue Homestar Runner's head in front of a sky blue background
Image:Homestar Kamikaze Favicon.png
Image:Homestar Kamikaze Red Favicon.png
Image:Homestar PBTC Favicon.png
Image:The Homestar Runner Favicon.png
Image:Homestar Kamikaze Green Favicon.png
Kamikaze Homestar Runner in front of the background from the Old New Intro
Image:Star Shirt Favicon.jpg
Star Shirt Homestar Runner's star shirt
Wiki "W" Wiki "W" on Kamikaze field
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