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Listen to the words of the Graffiti Wall

In the Homestar Runner universe, there is a red brick graffiti covered wall. While it is possible that these are actually different walls, it is likely that they are different renderings of the same wall. The wall seems to be disconnected from any known location within Free Country, USA, as there is a sidewalk (or asphalt in one rendering) running along the wall that has not been seen outside of the appearances of the graffiti wall.

[edit] Appearances

  • Dancin' Bubs — One of the backgrounds is a red brick wall tagged with the word PRANCE. The ground in front of the wall seems to be asphalt.
  • A Jorb Well Done — A red brick wall tagged with the word Job is seen. There is a sidewalk running along the side of the wall.
  • New Boots — A Powered by The Cheat red brick wall is seen first behind the word Dance and then tagged with the Neb-1 along with a picture of Nebulon. Again there is a sidewalk running along side of the wall.

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