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These are the visuals for the Strong Badia National Anthem in the Strong Bad Email flag day.

[edit] Transcript

Lyrics Visuals
{spoken} (Oh... Oh, I like that! Oh yeah!) Strong Bad taps his foot and bobs his head to the tune.
{singing} Come to the place where tropical breezes blow. Come to the coolest place I know. Close-up of Strong Bad singing.
The people are so great, Wide shot of Strong Badia.
But really there's only me, Strong Bad looks around him and then points to himself.
And that means I'm so great, Close-up of Strong Bad; a coin with his face spins onto the screen.
And also there's The Cheat. Oh there's The Cheat... Close-up of The Cheat playing his keyboard.
in the place where the tropical breezes blow. Cut back to wide shot.
The Cheat in the coolest place I know. A reflection of The Cheat is seen in the Stop Sign.
The ones are always cold, Cut back to Strong Bad's close-up; two Cold Ones fly in from the sides and meet in the middle, then separate to transition to the next visual.
And the parties last all night, and there's probably lots of chocolate, Strong Bad is shown giving Strong Mad a tattoo of the Strong Badia snake and tire with an X-Acto knife.
And population tire. Zoom in on the Tire.
{falsetto} Population... Strong Bad stands on one foot and leans dramatically.
Ti-i-i-ire... Strong Bad stands in front of a silhouetted Strong Badia with the flag waving above pink skies.
Cut back to a close-up of the flag waving; the sky is now blue again.
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