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This article is about the establishment. For the toon of its debut, see Donut Unto Others.
Gotta be ready for the 3:09 p.m. donut rush!
Type Retailer
Headquarters Free Country, USA
Products Doughnuts
Employees Homestar Runner
Slogan Unknown
Mascot Unknown
Website Unknown

Do-Nots is a doughnut store operated by Homestar Runner in Donut Unto Others. Homestar started the store after revealing to Marzipan that it was always his boyhood dream to be his own boss at the doughnut factory. His store consists of a small food booth made out of cardboard. Below the window there is a series of dotted lines in the shape of the portion of his body obscured by the cardboard in front of him, with his right foot up midway. Above him is the "Do-Nots" logo, the name of the store written out with the "o" in "Nots" resembling a pink doughnut. Apart from Homestar himself, there only appears to be a fat fryer inside.

The store offers 57 varieties of homemade doughnuts, which Homestar produces at Marzipan's House, in a similar way that one might make cookies. The doughnuts don't seem to be made very hygienically, as the spoon Homestar uses to make the batter is covered in hairs. Homestar had plans to somehow sell several million doughnuts on his first day. However, he didn't manage to sell a single one.

On Homestar Runner's first and only day of business, the store was positioned about ten feet away from Bubs' Concession Stand, an action to which Bubs responded with anger, for he had also begun his own doughnut business. At the 3:09 p.m. doughnut rush, The King of Town appeared in a cloud of smoke and listened to each of the stores' constant offers and statements in order to decide which business to buy from. However, Strong Bad, the health inspector, arrived before The King was able to give his preference.

The business came to an end when Strong Bad promptly gave Homestar's store an "F" rating after requesting Homestar to cotton-swab his fat fryer. Along with the rating, he purposefully overturned the stand, causing Homestar's face to be burned by the fryer. It is interesting to note that Strong Bad did not actually receive the results from Homestar's inspection before applying the rating; it is likely that he did this only for his own sadistic pleasure.

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