Different Town Chord Progression

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Chord progression for "Different Town", from the Strong Bad Email of the same name.

    A                  D
The Poopsmith he could talk,
    E              C#
And Marzipan would rock,
        F#m                 B
And the stick would be this big old tree
              E            B                    E
That'd try to eat everyone except The Cheat and me

        A                     D
And The King of Town would be underground
     E                  A
In a box filled up with peas

D                    A/E
Bubs would give away flame throwers
           Bm                E      A
That shoot chocolate hundred-dollar bills
       G           D                       C#                    F#
And my stupid baby brother would have been born with horns and a tail

          B                      E
And Coach Z would wear this cool jacket,
    F#                     Eb
And Homestar just couldn't hack it, 
    Abm                        C#                           F#        B
And Pom Pom wouldn't change at all except he'd look like an ABA basketball 

(bass A, B, C#)
And this little weirdo
           A        Bm                              G         
Would be a modestly hot girl to help me through the hard times
              D                        A
You know, the kind that are only sorta hot
                   G      D/F#  G/E  D 
So they don't mess around with other guys
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