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Hewwo i am Der Schummler and i am a tewwific German speaker. I want to gather People for a project called Subtitle-ing. I need two kind of persons:

Those who can count the timing and that stuff to make them appear at the right time.

And some German Speaker, Native woulda be great.

If you are intreted leave me a Massage *BEEP*

Hello? Der Schummler?

Well, maybe you could tell us a little about this project of yours first? ;) I might be interested as a native speaker, but regarding your username, I should probably point out that I don't like name translations. So if I translate a sub or something, "The Cheat" is still "The Cheat" and so on. Both my grammar and spelling are pretty good, so that shouldn't be a prob. --Cass from Germany 13:56, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Very Good, I Just wanted a unique Name, thats why I am Der Schummler not the cheat.

About the Names: Of course Strong Bad stays Strong Bad and so on. I don't like that Translation of names As well. z.B. the Poopsmith is always translated Mistschmied. Thats soooooooooooooooooooooo Stupid.

Okay now to the Project:

There are MANY english Subtitles (about 450+) and my Idea was: We copy them and translate them in German. If we can Form a larger Group we could discuss if and how we want something Translated be explained. I am German Native, too by the way.

Whaddaya Think? heh? Hello? Der Schummler?

Uhm, that kind of already happens. ;) Here, have a look at this: User:The Commander IN COMMAND/German translation Standards as well as the list in this article. The Commander in Command, among other users, did a LOT of subtitles and other good work while I mostly merely spellcheck them. But I did some German subs myself, if only 17. Most of the subs left to translate are hard to do in one way or the other. For example, take the sbemail "Hiding". I'm German, and still I don't know any German phrase for "olly olly oxen free", even though I knew perfectly what it meant in English. There are quite a few words and phrases like that (check out the subs for "DNA evidence" to get a better picture). But yeah, you're right, it's a shame the list is lacking so many German subs. But I'm sure we're all working on it. Also, I'ld like to take this opportunity to say how much I really appreciate working with you guys. While it was kind of messy at first and the translations were lacking continuity, I daresay we all improved and thanks to your time and effort, most of the subs are now consistent and great to read. Things like this make me proud to be a member of this wiki.

That said, I'll probably try and add some more subs to the list ASAP. I did TGS issue 2 and "A Mother's Day Message" recently, so that's at least a start, I guess. Der Schummler, if you would like to do something in teamwork, just let me know what I can do. Otherwise, I'll just pick out some of the surviving easier ones.  ;) --Cass from Germany 16:33, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Not Now, but if you could look over MY subs it would be nice. Hello? Der Schummler? 16:49, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Sure, could you just give me a link? Your user paige lists all of your edits, and it would be a bit more pleasant if I had a list that I could just work through. I corrected the 4 Gregs, though. I hope you don't take it too bad, because I changed a bit much. It's just that I'm a bit pedantic, as stated on my user paige. --Cass from Germany 17:08, 21 July 2009 (UTC)
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