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"They'll be all up ons!"

Strong Bad's Ab-Abber 2000 is an as seen on TV product that promises to create abs like the professionals in "minutes—nay, seconds!" It consists of one permanent marker (not included). For a limited time only, the Cloitsterizer was offered with it, "abs-olutely" free. The slogan is "They'll be all up ons!". Strong Sad was a spokesperson, but only because Gooblies was being held for ransom by Strong Bad. Homsar also acted as a "Celebrity(?) Testimonial" for the product.

Strong Bad put the Ab-Abber on sale in garage sale for $77.00. It was also apparently one of the prizes Homestar Runner gave away in The Show, as evidenced by Main Page 19. The Ab-Abber is apparently one of the items sold by Bookazon.com, seen in the DVD version of studying. The marker-drawn abs also appeared on the first page of Strong Bad's pop-up book and in an altered screencap of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. A wearable version of the Ab-Abber was cut from Strong Badia the Free, Baddest of the Bands, and Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.

In Fan Costumes 2015, a picture is shown of someone wearing an undershirt with drawn-on abs, which Strong Bad refers to as a "limited-edition Ab-Ab-Beater undershirt".

In The Show: Ween Edition, The King of Town claims it makes the ladies shiny and chrome.

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