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Greetings! I am the Amanda and this is my talk archive. This page contains summaries of all of the discussions which have happened on my page in 2006. You can click on the "more" links to read the whole discussion. Please do not add discussion to this page or any of the other archival pages; any new discussion should go on my current talk page.

The WMF patch
This exploit could destroy your computer if you merely looked at an infected image. (more)

The arbitrary time marking
Happy New Year! (more)

The continued identification of images
Where did that stool come from? (more) (more) (more)

The Magus fall down, go boom
He's actually dead. (more)

The guestbook debate
POOP LOL. (more)

The magic of double reverts
A nasty bug has been repaired, perhaps. (more)

The confusion of the Amanda
It's dot com did some wizardry on the Sandbox and Introduction, and there was great confusion.

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