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Quote Of The Week


Spliced together from Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2. Updated 23 May 2016.
*Note: You may see a page on Google Sites asking you to click on the link to download; this is normal and should not cause any problems.

These quotes are usually different from the quotes provided by TBC. Most of them have mp3 downloads, which are in the best quality possible**. This was inspired by Venusy but uses a different method of execution. I created a custom program in Visual Basic .NET 2003 using a Python script in conjunction with Inkscape which creates a Quote Of The Week from any text and any picture, with an optional "get it!" button, at the correct size, 99% correct font spacing, and with an opaque speech bubble not present in the actual file... all without using ANY Macromedia/Adobe Flash! I may release the program at a later date (the main issue being limited compatibility with newer versions of Windows and other operating systems a clumsy setup, especially on Windows).

**Quotes not originally in the mp3 format (eg, DVD or YouTube audio) use: either a constant bitrate of 320kbps or a high-quality variable bitrate; a 44.1Khz sampling rate; and in mono when there is no appreciable audio separation. Quotes already in the mp3 format (eg, embedded Flash audio) are simply trimmed without re-encoding.

[edit] Archive


From the commentary for "different town". Updated 2 April 2016.


From the strongbad_email.exe Disc Four main menu. Updated 26 March 2016.


From pizzaz. Updated 18 March 2016.


From secret recipes. Updated 9 March 2016.


From Fan Costumes 2015. Updated 24 November 2015.


From The House That Gave Sucky Tricks. Updated 31 October 2015.


From The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Teaser. Updated 23 October 2015.


From sbemail206. Updated 25 May 2015.


From Sample of Style. Updated 11 June 2010.


From 3 Times Halloween Funjob. Updated 22 April 2010.


From the movies. Updated 13 April 2010.

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