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Who is this Hobo guy?

Screen Name: Hobophobic AKA Hobo AKA Hobophobe

Real Name: Chris Conley

Age: 19

WikiHistory: I joined the original on May 3, 2004. I was very active for about two months until summer hit. The majority of the work I do here on the wiki takes place from my computer at work whenever I get a spare moment. Throughout the summer spare moments were few and far between so I pretty much went on a complete hiatus throughout June and August. I came back to sticky note informing me that was making the switch to MediaWiki. I'm currently helping complete the move.

A Bit About Myself: I work at a call centre for a major American wireless company. I live in Canada. I love snowboarding, ska music and aviation. I currently have my glider and private pilots license and plan to become a commercial pilot as a career. I think wiki's are the coolest thing on the whole internet and am planning to start my own in the future.

Contributions to the Wiki

  • Many, but I shall not list a single one for I seek no accolade... Although I do accept awards!

Awards Recieved

Iron Cup full of Brunswick Stew

Image:Iron cup of Brunswick Stew.jpg

  • On Sept 19, 2004, I was awarded for my hard work by Drhaggis, One(1) Iron Cup full of Brunswick Stew.

External Links


Option Snowboards - 2004 156 Mirror
Burton Bindings - 2005 Cartel's w/ Cap Strap
32 Boots - 2005 Prion
686 Enterprises - The best outerwear money can buy
Volcom - The Flyest Threads


The Planet Smashers - Canadian Two-tone

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution - Completely Acoustic Ska Music


Sail Plane Directory - The Definitive Sail Plane / Glider Directory

Post Secondary Education - Siast's Commercial Pilot Program, I start in January

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