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The purpose of HRWiki:Featured Article Selection is to decide which articles we will feature on the Main Page each week.


[edit] Characteristics of a featured article

While we do not have strict criteria for featured articles the way Wikipedia does, there are certain characteristics articles should have before we feature them on the main page.

  • Sufficient content. This includes:
    • A substantial prose introduction to serve, in whole or in part, as the writeup that appears on the main page (except for articles on toons, for which a summary serves as the main page writeup). If the page is just a list, it is usually not featured.
    • Substantial content beyond the writeup itself, so that there's something new to see when the reader clicks the (more...) link from the main page. This additional content needn't be prose.
  • High quality of writing. We make sure the work on our doorstep shows us at our most professional.

[edit] How we decide

Users may discuss articles to be featured under the headers of each week. If you're looking for ideas, you may find some at HRWiki:Featured article nominations (but don't feel obligated to use articles on the list). This is a discussion, not a vote: what we are seeking is a consensus on which article we should feature.

[edit] Etiquette

  • While not technically a talk page, the guidelines given at HRWiki:Talk page etiquette are applicable here.
  • Remember that this is a discussion, not a vote. This means that, when posting after other users, you should respond to what they said rather than simply making a statement.
  • If an idea for a week has already been suggested and you wish to make a different suggestion for that same week, it's common courtesy to provide a reason why you think your suggestion should be taken rather than the original. This is especially the case if more than one user has supported the idea. If you don't have a clear reason why your suggestion would be a better choice than the original suggestion (or your only reason is "Because I like this article more"), consider suggesting it for a different week.

[edit] Maintenance

  • In general, discussion should only extend 10 weeks in advance of the present date in order to prevent the page from becoming too long and to keep discussions on relatively immediate topics.
  • Discussions are archived into ten-week archives (except for the last archive of the year, which is of twelve weeks. Discussions should not be archived until after the article in question is off the main page.
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