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[edit] Favorite SBemails

[edit] Jimmy'o Hoffa

Jimmy'o "Hiltlesin" Hoffa is a KGB (Ks and Gs Beta) union member and the mascot for Ks and Gs Beta

[edit] Story

Jimmy Hoffa was dissappeared and was soon found out to be a KGB member. He was finally found by the KGB and was put to work as the KGB official mascot. After Jimmy was found, the KTV - Kids Tele"voopision"vision, a parody TV channel for kids taped him for TV. The channel was black and white and because Jimmy was found in the dark, it was real hard to understand where he is.

It was soon found out that his real full name was Jimmy'o "Hiltlesin" Hoffa. The KGB needed the name to be Jimmy, so they threw Jimmy'o out to the streets in the year 1971, ten years after he joined the KGB union in 1961 and three years before he was rediscovered in 1968. Jimmy lived 9 years as a chef for Morty's Food, a resturant in Hawai, the Pacific Ocean.

[edit] New career

Jimmy'o was discovered by me in 1980 and so was put to a new mascot/union member work on the Ks and Gs Beta and in 1986 was put to the work of website mascot on, which is currently inactive. soon created KGB, the Ks and Gs Beta site and put Jimmy'o to work there, because already had Kalew as their mascot.

In a few months, Jimmy'o finally got in some flash movies. Mostly as the co-starring or just in some part of the movie. Finally, he made his debut as a movie star and got in a 5-minute series of action and adventure flash mostly speaking of him and the KGB. The series had 5 episodes. The episodes we're all written and "directed" by me.

[edit] Morty's

Morty's is a supreme shop chain. It is mostly used in stories like these. Morty's sells much of "The Best Stuff in The World" and does'nt sell small stuff like irons, lamps, magnets, T-shirts and other CafePress stuff. Morty's food is the official resturant chain for Morty's. It sells high-quality foods. Jimmy'o "Hiltlesin" Hoffa worked there for 9 years. For 1 more year, he could be employee of the dozen years. Morty's is lead by Morty Morty, who is mostly unpopular in the chain's information pages. Morty Morty was a name, that was mostly chosen by his mom, Mary-Mary Morty and his dad also chose Morty to be his name. His dad's name was Marty Marty Morty.

[edit] KGB

For the KGB union, please see The Wikipedia Article on KGB

The Ks and Gs Beta is a coming-soon part of the coming-soon, possibly happening in the next 10 years. Ks and Gs Beta pages are pages on They are mostly marked in red, because the original KGB has relations with the Soviet Union that is usually in red and yellow colors.

The Ks and Gs Beta is the page for Jimmy'o "Hiltlesin" Hoffa, the main mascot for KGB and the secondary mascot for KGB includes stories and flashes about him.

[edit] H*R

Jimmy'o's biggest dream was to be in an H* cartoon. Sadly that dream was broken, when I told him that once he leaves the KGB site for a second, the KGB site will break down and finally disobey to Kalew. Jimmy'o was also the main server for the Ks and Gs Beta. Before him, KGB used an old 50pixel interfaced, awful speeded and sometimes disobeying JengaCorp server.

[edit] Mascot's story

Jimmy'o's mascot had the story of reality. In fact, the KGB union did throw Jimmy'o out. Jimmy'o's story is that he is being chased by mysterious organizations and a mysterious box keeps following the story.

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