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I'm Fuchsiania.This is my user page.
My mouth tastes like… userboxes.
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About me

I am a thirteen-year-old boy. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to say that.

I have been a Flash animator and programmer using Windows, but have more recently been using Ubuntu for C++ development and general use.

A short history

I discovered Homestar Runner during the summer of 2008, at a computer programming class (ha, how stereotypical of me). The first work of the brothers I watched was shapeshifting. Being myself, I did not burst into laughter, but did find the cartoon to interesting, and thought it worth my while to investigate further.

After a few weeks, I found myself constantly checking the website and the wiki. I was hooked. I discovered other students and teachers who shared my interest in Homestar Runner. I had developed a small Homestar Runner niche at my junior high school.

However, during the Great Year of Betrayal, my interest in Homestar Runner began to decline in a glacial, yet rapidly accelerating fashion. I was no longer dedicated to improving the wiki or reviewing the cartoons. A terrifying (that's an exaggeration) thought emerged in my mind: Was this the end of Homestar Runner? The few calendars and shorts provided consolation, but they did not alleviate the feeling of dread that was saturating my mind. Of course, I did not fall into a state of depression or mania, but I was quite disappointed by the dormancy of the website. I watched as the number of edits to the wiki declined.

Finally, the hiatus Or did it? ended spectacularly with A Decemberween Mackerel. Quickly, a feeling of euphoria rushed through my mind as the memories of Homestar Runner's antics returned.

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