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My mouth tastes like… userboxes.
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Welcome... to... my... page. Yeah! Welcome to my user page! I'm Fotoshop, but you probably already know that, because of the colorful fuchsiania title underneath the "User:Fotoshop" title, underneath the "User:Fotoshop" window title bar. So, yeah. Congratulations! You now know that I'm Fotoshop! Yay! Yeah... I'm rather new here. But I do know how to use Flash and Photoshop!

About Me

I'm a person. Some say I'm hyper. I say, "Well, you are partially right. Yes. Yes! Yes-yes-yes-yessy oh-boh-yes! Yeah-Wanna be my friend? *grins strangely*

Sadly, I'm a sloppy perfectionist. You ask, "What kind a person is that? You're some weird psycho moon thing!" Now, please, just calm down. Being a sloppy perfectionist makes me frustrated, so sometimes I can get irritable. But that's okay. I can (an usually do) take care of that.

Now, you ask, "Why are you here, infesting this wonderful good wiki with your stupid little grimy paws, weirdo?". Now, I'm wondering why you are asking all of these questions. But I'm answer this one anyway. I stumbled across this wonderful good PHP MediaWiki Huwmstaw Wunnuoh Weekhee in August of 2008 when I was Gooooogling "Homestar Runner". Yes, yes, this means I haven't known or HRWiki for very long, but I spend too much time watching, reading about, and writing about Homestar, so that should catch me up.

Things I like to do

I like using my computer for various... things. I like animating in Flash, checking the wiki, and watching stuff on My brother even says I'm "Bubsessed" (it's the best he could do)! So far, I think I'm pretty good at Flash, with three years of experience. Sometimes I like to play computer games I played a long time ago. Just a while ago, I began creating a Homestar Icy Tower character, but it didn't save correctly and disappeared.

Recently, my computer's been giving me trouble (spontaneous restarting and slowness), so I decided to downgrade to XP (from eye-candy-delusion-creating Vista). And, I did! And it works! It's relatively fast... so far...

My favorite characters

Character Why What I'd like from him/her
Strong Sad He seems the most intelligent and understanding. His slightly-depressed-but-still-okay personality is most like mine. And I feel sorry for him. To appear more often, and to say, "I'm glad that I'm crying" and "I'm mad that I'm drying [from tears]".
Homsar He speaks contextually-nonsensical phrases but tries to be understood. To not be hated so much. That's it.
Homestar He's nice, with a warm heart. Nothing. He's a great guy with a great personality!
Strong Bad I don't know why he's one of my favorite characters. To realize that he's not as axesome as he thinks. Then he'll be more likable.
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