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Haldo! I am a fellow HRWiki member, and member of many fanbases. I consider that I would be a mix of Strong Sad, Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Homsar.


History of Homestar and I

Around 2008 is when I started hearing about Homestar as a very obscure household name. My first experience was seeing Wiiviewer reviewing SBCG4AP on his youtube. I barely knew anything else other then Strong Bad was a cool guy. Seriously.

It was not until 2013 I started watching sbemails. Anyways, I started to visit the website to watch the sbemails. Though, I went to the First Time Here video, like most do. After the "It's Dot Com!" line, I knew I would be hooked. For a long time. Anyways, after a week of sbemail only, I decided to watch some of the main toons, and shorts, after of course I watched all 11 video characters. This doesn't include Homsar, as I never found out he had a character video until later. But, even then, he grew to the top of my favorites for the amount of off-the-wall he is.

The 200-acre Cemetery rhat's been behind The King Of Town's Castle all this time

If anybody who I was friends with IRL or on Tumblr (which is likely tumblr) commits suicide, and gets confirmed dead, a shrine will be put in their very honor. Nobody died yet. Thank Homestar...

Minecraft Server

I do have a minecraft server, but due to IP finding issues and also possible connection issues, I can't really give the IP for you guys. Sawray.

Social Sites

  • tumblr: camwoodstock
  • Youtube: camwoodstock
  • deviantArt: Jadesprite413
  • Minecraft Name: CheriCam777

Some Real Life Insight

If you wanna chit-chat with me and become close friends, or at least some semblence of a friend, it's nice to know these factors. I might get descriptive and more insight and backstory with some of these later on if we do, so there are just basics. Still nice to hold handy, though!

  • I love Japanese culture and Gaming. I never really sat down to read manga or watch anime, but I love the video games strictly there and there only. As for culture, thank a certain youtuber named Gaijin Goomba. He has a great youtube series where he shows the similarities to Japan's culture and our video games. Highly reccomend that dude. Seriously.
  • I have Aspergers (aka autisim), so that's a thing. Ironically enough, I don't gave any craps about it. Say what you will, and say what you want, but it's me DANG IT!
  • I am a huge pokemon fan. I especially love competetive battling, when strategy isn't involved though. I never got that sorta thing down.
  • I use a smaller amount of internet slang than most people online. At most, it's the abbreviations like "LOL" and such, or shortening like "lemme" or "plz".
  • Stereotypes of fanbase members, types of people, and just stereotypes in general bother me.
  • Flame wars bother the heck out of me. Especially fanbase ones.
  • I read homestuck. 2o run whiile you 2tiill can iif you hate home2tuck. SERIOUSLY. run away and d0n't b0ther hating me. because, wwell, the insults all sound the same. Oh, sorry. Off topic there.
  • I really hate Mary Sues.
  • I love science. A lot.
  • I am a grammar nazi. So don't misuse your and you're, unless it's in text. Typos are fine, but when it's intended or a grammar typo...
  • I have a super minor depression. I'm still saddened, but it's not the the point of a fluffy pony "wan die" rank, just a big "FML" in flashing lights at most.
  • Deviantart comments make me wanna vomit.
  • I hate it when people treat fanbases like all of the fans there are dumbos.
  • I love puns a lot, so please get away before I PUN-ISH you in my PUNGEON, as I am truly a PUNGEON MASTER!

Current Projects

  • Potato Knishes Clicker: A cookie clicker classic graphic and text hack where everything is Ratboy Genius.And there's gonna be a few cameos of Homestar Runner characters too!
  • Finishing this dang userpage at least enough so my userboxes don't hit the bottom, but rather my text.
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