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Rad, Rad Robotank

Transformers are frequently referenced in the Homestar Runner body of work. Various characters will often parody the toys, and the Cheat Commandos show has numerous similarities to the cartoon.


  • In the Cheat Commandos, Crackotage speaks in rhyme. This resembles the Transformers characters Blaster and Wheelie.
    • Also in the Cheat Commandos, Fightgar has a British accent which resembles that of Wreck-Gar, a Transformers character. The two characters also have similar names.
  • At the Alamo Drafthouse where The Brothers Chaps toured, Homestar said that he needed the Autobot Matrix.
  • In The Cheatar, Strong Bad imitates the Transformers' transformation noise when talking about The Cheat turning into a guitar. He also says, "why would you want change into a giant guitar when you could change into a semi or at least a cassette player." This is a reference to Optimus Prime, Blaster and Soundwave.
  • In the Strong Bad Email portrait, The Cheat vandalizes Strong Bad's painting by spray painting the "Rad, Rad Robotank" on it. The Rad, Rad Robotank has what appears to be a Transformer's head on its top.

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