The Poopsmith Evolution

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This page tracks the evolution of The Poopsmith.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
First Poopsmith Late 1999 Marshmallow's Last Stand N/A
Second Poopsmith 2000 The King of Town (Old version); Yearbook Character Page (in photo) He has a thicker outline and slightly thicker hair, the whatsit on his gloves is now brown instead of green, his lip doesn't stick out as much, and he has less shading. His eyes are bigger.
Third Poopsmith 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest His outlines are thinner, there is no whatsit on his feet, and the whatsit on his gloves is greener. His eyes are reversed, although this might just be due to a flipped image.
Transitionary Poopsmith 2000 Yearbook Character Page; Theme Song Video; Homestarloween Party; A Holiday Greeting; The Luau; The House That Gave Sucky Treats; The Best Decemberween Ever; 2022 Costume Pack Now Available He has colored outlines, basic shading, and grey hairs. His eyes are the right way around again.
Current Poopsmith February 2002 Toons from Where's The Cheat? to current; various Strong Bad Emails starting with your friends He has darker feet and darker whatsit on his gloves. His larger eye has a gleam/light reflection, he has much more advanced shading and his outlines are thicker.
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