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The Homestar Runner (a.k.a. "Kick the Can Homestar") is the Old-Timey Homestar Runner. His primary interest is in finding something to eat during the Great Depression along with Old-Timey Marzipan and Fat Dudley.

He does not seem to be a very good listener, and often responds to those who wish to converse with him with a flat "What?" His torso replaced modern-day Homestar's in virus and Main Page 22, thanks to The Virus.

He kicks an old Can of Water Soup. He has done so since his dog was worshed away in the storm of '28.

He is Mike Chapman's favorite character in the entire Homestar Runner universe. Mike thinks he's a lot smarter and more aware of what's going on than modern-day Homestar.

The Brothers Chaps either call this character "Old Timey Homestar," "Kick the Can Homestar," or just "Homestar."

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